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Did Abigail Simon make the wrong choice? Receives 8-25 years after rejecting plea deal of mere months

Abigail Simon
Why did Abigail Simon turn down a plea deal which would have only seen her have spend 5 months behind bars?

Abigail Simon a former Grand Rapids, MichiganCatholic tutor convicted of having sex with a 15 year old student was today sentenced to 8-25 years jail time, despite having previously rejected a plea deal which would have only seen her spend 5 months in jail.

Abigail Simon Trial: Was tutor forced to have sex with 15 year old student?

Told the tutor who feinted upon receiving her sentencing from Judge Paul Sullivan: ‘I’m asking you to take a chance on me.’

Upon discovering her sentence, the tutor would feint, not once but twice.

Told the woman, ‘I’m lost and I’m broken.’

The sentencing comes despite Abigail Simon’s insistence that she in fact had been the victim of the sexual affair, that the student, now 17 had been the aggressor.

A story that the jury did not believe when it convicted her last November on three counts of first degree sexual assault and one count of accosting a child for immoral purposes.

Asserted Abigail Simon: ‘I was overtaken by fear, scared and lost, felt like I was drowning,’

‘I’m sorry I was not strong enough to get away from him.’

Today’s sentencing comes despite Simon having previously been offered a plea deal, whereby if she pled guilty she would only serve five months.

At the time the woman rejected the plea, having told she ‘did not do anything wrong.’

The judge told although Simon was not a predator and wasn’t likely to re-offend, she had known it was wrong and had every chance to end the relationship. The judge also said the victim had some ‘culpability,‘ because he also knew it was wrong. Under state law, the victim was too young to consent to sex.

The victim did not speak during the hearing, but his mom did, lashing out at Simon’s defense attorney, Mike Manley, for painting her son as a rapist and dragging her family ‘through the mud.’

Abigail Simon

During proceedings, Manley had argued that the petite tutor was intimidated into having sex with the then-15-year-old, who is 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds. Prosecutors called that the ‘theater of the absurd.‘ They relied on the victim’s testimony, as well as thousands of texts between the tutor and victim.

The victim’s mom said it was Simon who ‘took advantage’ of her son, who was ‘under her spell,‘ then talked him into taking the blame.

‘She used him to please herself,‘ she said.

The mother reiterated her son ‘has experienced a lot of pain and suffering in his short life. A huge percentage of it was caused by Abigail Simon’s actions.’

‘This theater of the absurd has closed its curtain,’ the mom told the judge. ‘I ask you to be severe in your sentencing.’

During testimony the teen told he was a virgin before meeting Simon.

Abigail Simon

And then there were these comments on the web that caught my attention:

If you really think that kid rapped this chic you are an idiot . How did the kid get her cell number ? How did the kid get to the notre dame game with her . What woman whose raped as she claims send her purp photos of herself in sexy lingerie . What rape victim picks her purp up and sends a text she’s with her lil lover . What woman whos being rapped would just let him put his face between her legs to proform
Oral sex willingly on not one but many OCCASSIONS ? Had this been a man this would have been over in a week and he’d be already threw quarnteen in prison to serve his 20 yr minimum . WOMEN DO COMMIT SEX CRIMES AND WOMAN DO COMMIT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ESPECIALLY KNOWING THEY WILL HANG and blame the guy everytime brinkman is right this is a circus.

The law says that it is a crime for a teacher to have  sex with a student. The law also says that it is a crime for an adult to have sex with a child….right? No matter how tall he is or how much he weighs, at  the age of 15 he is still defined as a child. Is that open to interpretation? She was supposed to be the adult. I believe she will be
found guilty. I also believe that, had she not tried to blame everyone  she could think of for her illegal affair and instead admitted to a relationship of mutual admiration, the judge would be more likely to issue a lenient sentence. As it stands, her “it’s not my fault” attitude is sure to do her in.



  1. Well of course not all early sexual experiences are harmful.I dont want teacher,counselor,cop,family member,anyone having sex with MY child!Nobody should.

  2. A young adult is not a child. There are plenty of 40 year-olds who are children. To your parents you are always a child no matter how old you are. Many young adults are emotionally and sexually precocious. Early sexual experiences are not always harmful.

  3. “That was so good. Can I have some more please?” Words never spoken by a true rape victim. And statutory rape is not a one-way-street. Women want and expect equality until it’s convenient to become a little girl again.

  4. I think its fantastic that maybe women also have to learn boundaries also.It doesnt matter how hot and horny a child is for an adult.As an adult one should know u dont have sex with children.xtra if the adult is a teacher,counselor,or anyone who most definetely knows better

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