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Otis McCulley shoots his neighbor’s puppy cause he feared it would poop in his yard

Otis McCulley
Otis McCulley refuses to let your dog shit in his yard.

Otis McCulley, an 82 year old Washington man who shot and killed his neighbor’s 6-month-old puppy because he thought it was going to defecate in his yard.

Our collective hero allegedly shot dead the young Australian shepherd after it escaped through a fence and ran onto his Finley property reports KOMO News.

The shooting would lead to the 82-year-old man being arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Told the man during questioning by cops: ‘I shot the (expletive) thing,’

In the wake of the shooting, McCulley may also face a weapons charge, reports KEPR.

Adds RawStory.com: ‘Rowdy’s family said that the puppy ran home, where blood stains could still be seen on the front porch. Vets recovered a hollow point .22 round in the dog’s colon, but couldn’t save Rowdy.’

Incredulously Otis McCulley also claims to have shot several other dogs that had previously come onto his land — and said he had the right to kill them for trespassing.

Kathy Davis, whose 10-year-old son owned the dog, called cops and then rushed the injured pup to the vets.

Medics revealed that a hollow point .22-mm round had ruptured Rowdy’s colon — and he could not be saved.

Otis McCulley
Kathy Davis holds a cell phone photo of her 10-year-old son with his Australian shepherd puppy Rowdy before the dog was killed.
Otis McCulley
Kathy Davis
Otis McCulley
A hole in the fence would allow the puppy to pass through on to Otis McCulley’s yard.
Otis McCulley
Blood stains…
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  • John Netto

    Congressman Palazzo’s office said talk to the sheriff, trying to get an appointment to see him, so far unable to. Local and national news outlets, no response. PETA responded and asked for a statement from the vet that received the pups, I sent it and never again heard back. Still working on it…

  • Liz

    How about congressman? CNN? Someone should listen….

  • John Netto

    The county prosecutor calls the sherrif who tells him not to pursue it. I have tried…

  • dave

    Contact the prosecutor in the county and insist on an aggravated menacing charge at the least!!

  • John Netto

    He should have spoken to the family and if he did not receive a satisfactory response then gone to law enforcement. That is why they are there and it is what civilized people are expected to do. We do not live in the wild west and even if we did the use of a weapon is the last resort, not the first…

  • John Netto

    He is none throughout the area for being psychotic. The area is rural and lightly populated, which is why I am living here. I am an old man, a disabled vet with PTSD and am dying of lung cancer. I am living here so I can peacefully prepare for my spiritual transition. The neighbors in this area are terrified of him. I have video of him threatening me with an illegal weapon and the LCSD refuses to file charges. I will continue to pursue this. What do I have to lose, a slow painful death to cancer? Please…

  • Legena

    I think this man should have gone to his neighbors to take the pup home and if the owners were not home he should have tied it up to the home instead of shooting it

  • Mike Hills

    John Netto > Sounds like your neighbor has an in with his Dad being a Policeman. That may be why he threatened to shoot you before shooting the dogs. I would step lightly with his attitude but keep trying. You may want to look into others that have had a problem with him. Numbers may be heard more safely then a voice alone.

    As for Otis McCulley he may have dementia problem being 82 years old and behaving in a radical manner. He may if keeping with his past actions injure or even kill someone in his neighborhood. I hope a judge will not take pity on him for his age. That could give him the feeling of being bullet proof and lead to what I fear and he takes a life. Bottom line it Otis McCulley is a dangerous Geezer and is destine to bring grave bodily harm one day to someone if not stopped.

  • John Netto

    My neighbor had 2 4-month-old puppies that dug up the vegetable garden that feeds me. When I complained he threatened to shoot me. I insisted he was responsible for controlling his pets. He pulled out the gun he always carries and shot them. They ran off screaming, and he said “if they live through that, then I’ll deal with them”. Someone found them and took them to a vet. One had to be put down. The Lamar County, MS sherrif’s dept. laughed about it, saying he must be a bad shot and that if he wants to shoot his dogs that his business. After months of screaming matches they finally filed a cruelty to animal charge against him, but simple rather than aggravated because “he obviously meant to kill them, not to maim them”. It has now been over two months since the warrant was filed and it has yet to be served. His father is a policeman. I will continue to pursue this.