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Pictures: How Nicole Forni, model unwittingly became the face of adult film sites

Nicole Forni
Does Nicole Forni bear responsibility for her new found fame in adult entertainment or was she simply had ???

Nicole Forni may have aspirations of being a household name in her native, Cleveland, Ohio but instead the 23 year old aspiring model has found herself instead becoming a defacto prostitute in Switzerland and a horny housewife in Dubai

It seems the model may have a legitimate gripe with photographer Joshua Resnick after the model agreed to a photo shoot at the photographer’s studio in January 2013 only to later find out that images in that shoot would end up doing the rounds at a variety of adult film sites.

This despite Resnick’s expressed pledge that the photos would not make their way into any ‘adult orientated manner.’ Except when they did…

The model would only come to later learn from family and friends that her images had appeared on Playboy‘s website, before then going viral (naturally), showing up on at least three dozen other adult sites such as Horny Housewives of Dubai” and Kinky ­Anniversary Gift: A Collection of Group Sex Stories.”

The images heard a NYC courtroom were used to promote prostitution, sex products and even an escort service in Switzerland.

Nicole Forni
How this picture of Nicole Forni would end up looking like the one below and many similar others…

Nicole Forni

Told Forni’s lawyer, Michael O’Shea, via The New York Post: ‘Nicole was mortified.’

‘Modelling is being able to promote yourself with a certain amount of respect … and this [photographer] violated that dignity and trust for a few bucks.’

In her suit, Nicole Forni is seeking $75 000 from Resnick, whom she accuses of breach of contract, fraudulent inducement and fraud.

She has since also named 38 other defendants in a bid to get her photos taken down from all adult sites in which she appears, including: peepshows4u.com, sexdate24.net and libidoqueen.de

Complicating matters, Forni admits she signed a universal adult-model release for her photos that makes no mention of the oral agreement that they not be used on adult sites.

Resnick’s lawyer labelled the ­allegations ‘baseless.’

What do you think? Does Nicole have a leg to stand on or is she hooked as the defacto slut for years to come…?

images via facebook

Nicole Forni

Nicole Forni

Nicole Forni

Nicole Forni

Nicole Forni

Nicole Forni

Nicole Forni

Nicole Forni

Nicole Forni

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  • LuxuryStndrd.Com

    She and her lawyer are idiots. The images were taken for STOCK photography. Look it up if you don’t know what that means.

    This means anyone can license the images for their uses. While most stock agencies prohibit use on adult related sites or ventures they can no more control what people do with the images than Budweiser can control what people do after drinking a 6 pack.

    But what this girl has done is effectively ended any shot she may have had at being a real model. No one wants to work with the girl who sues. ESPECIALLY not over something like this.

  • Steve Potgieter

    A model that sues a photographer because she made her own photos (basically) public property by posting them on social media?…Wow she is going to get sooo much work now…..not!

  • Mac Ram

    Well.. Its totally unfair to blame the photgrpher. What if she had uploaded the photos in her social network account and the snoopers stole those images from that? Almost all photogs do stick to their word.

    UPDATE: Here’s his side of events.


  • L.w. House

    I just read statements from the photographers point of view. http://petapixel.com/2015/01/11/help-sued-nearly-500000-model-photographed/

    If what he says is true, and from what I know of stock photography biz of which I am also in (I do videos more then photos) I have to fall on the photographers side of this. The photos where either purchased on the stock website and misused by the purchaser, or they got them from her own facebook or from the pirate sites he mentioned. I’ve looked at his shutterstock portfolio. He’s good, and has no shortage of photos and subjects to photograph! I don’t think he would have reason to sell her photos to the adult sites. Its an unfortunate situation, but the model might be ruining her career by going after the photographer the way she is. Who would want to work with her after this?

  • TCane

    Uhhhh, what did she think these photos would be used for? Cereal ads?