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University of Newcastle student broadcast live sex solo shows to make ends meet

University of Newcastle student broadcast live sex solo shows
Making ends meet has led to more students ‘resorting’ to sex work in Australia… (stock image)

A University of Newcastle, Australia student has been ‘counseled’ after being caught running live sex solo shows from the school’s campus library.

According to the Newcastle Herald the unnamed student was screening on a pay per view website and had been promoting her show via social media.

A University of Newcastle spokeswoman would tell that the school was ‘very disappointed’ when the student was found to be ‘using internet facilities inappropriately on campus’.

Reiterated the spokesperson via Australia’s dailymail: ‘We have a code of conduct that clearly outlines the sorts of behaviours the university expects from its community on campus,’

‘The matter has now been investigated and the student has been counselled.

‘An important part of our duty of care is to protect our students’ privacy and it would be inappropriate for the university to provide specific details in relation to the incident.’

The university would also tell the section of the library where the student performed her sex acts on camera has since been steam cleaned.

Perhaps not out of coincidence, the University of Newcastle has the third highest number of students registered to ‘sugar daddy’ matchmaking site Seeking Arrangement in Australia.

According to The Newcastle Herald who spoke to one man who uses the site girls stood to make anything from $300 to $2000 for a day or weekend, ‘depending on the arrangement.

The Newcastle University Students’ Association president Clare Swan said the ‘library sex solo show,’ highlighted the fact that students need more financial support as more students have found themselves resorting to using a number of informal online sex outlets to make ends meet.

Told Swan: ‘Newcastle has a high enrollment of students from low socio-economic background – it’s 26 per cent,’ Ms Swan said.

‘The question shouldn’t be any sort of judgement or about the morals involved.

‘Our primary concern should be the health and safety of the student.’

Whilst Kylie Tattersall, chief executive of the Sex Workers Outreach Program would re affirm that it was ‘not new’ for university students to utilise sex work.

Told Tattersall via smh.com.au: ‘For many students it’s a better option than a job in the hospitality industry; it’s higher paying, more flexible and less stressful.’

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