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Teenage Moroccan girl forced to marry her rapist has face slashed after filing for divorce

Teenage Moroccan girl forced to marry her rapist
Why has there been resistance towards changing laws which punish women for the aggressive acts of men?

A 17 year old teenage Moroccan girl by the name of Khaoula (above) is recovering in hospital after having her face slashed with a razor after her newly married husband found out that the teenager sought a divorce.

According to ibt the teen would incur 50 ‘disfiguring’ cuts to her face and arms and would require 40 stitches.

Local media would report that during the attack the girl’s husband told her ‘I swear that nobody will marry you after me.’

The Morrocan teen sought divorce after being forced to marry the husband who allegedly had raped her.

Until recently, Moroccan law allowed men to escape prosecution for rape if they agreed to marry their victim. 

A judge could recommend marriage rather than jail if the deal was agreed to by the victim and both families – who usually gave consent for fear of losing family honour.

That said, the law was repealed in January this year after a huge wave of protests following the death of Amina Filali, 16, who swallowed rat poison and killed herself after being forced to wed her attacker.

Amina’s father said at the time that the family were pressured into the marriage, with the judge telling them to ‘go and make the marriage contract’. 

Teenage Moroccan girl forced to marry her rapist

Despite Article 475 being repealed – as the law was known – violence against women remains common in the Islamic state.

Campaigners say the new law relies on outdated definitions of rape and violence elsewhere in Moroccan statue, and have since sought reform of that nation’s legal system.

Present laws determine the severity of punishments on the basis of whether the victim was a virgin or not before the attack took place. 

A spokesman for Amnesty said: ‘The definition of rape fails to recognise the reality that rape is committed in different ways including within coercive circumstances which do not necessarily require physical violence, with perpetrators and victims of all genders, and within marriage.

‘This flawed, narrow definition still allows rapists to escape accountability.’