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Lauren Brim, sex coach: ‘Women should sleep around more.’ Nearly 100 lovers

Lauren Brim
Should a woman be defined by her sexuality or is that society’s business to begin with? Lauren Brim giving herself permission to experience herself…

Lauren Brim a sex coach has raised eyebrows with the release of her book, ‘New Rules of Sex,’ where the former devout Christian woman has opined that a woman’s sexual liberation comes with embracing numerous sexual partners as opposed to concentrating their efforts in ‘finding the one.’

In her musings, Brim, 31 who also practices as a midwife and studies humanities at the University of California argues that the traditional construct of sex serves to ‘wound women sexually and inhibit them.’

In keeping what she preaches Brim tells she is 8 shy of her intermediate target of 100 lovers.

Reflects the Los Angeles based sex coach via the telegraph: Sex is really energizing. What’s tiring is dating,’

‘Women are so insistent on partnership and marriage because culture gives them no other format for sustained and socially approved sexuality and love.’

In an unabashed expose, Lauren Brim leaves little to the imagination as she tells of colorful sexual experiences, including sex with exes, with women, with numerous people at once, in all manner of unusual locations.

And what prompted Brim’s sexual awakening? Her experiences as a midwife…

‘I was watching women giving birth,’ she explains in a YouTube (see below) promotion, ‘and I was seeing that women who were in touch with their sexuality had much easier birth experiences – sometimes orgasmic birth experiences; empowering experiences.

‘Women who weren’t in touch with their sexuality really struggled. They had a lot of interventions a lot of problems.’

This in turn led to Lauren Brim embarking on a journey where she set out to analyze and challenge the rules of sex in western society.

Lauren Brim

Reiterates the author: ‘I was raised in a Christian family and was getting this message from my family, from society, from the church, that sexuality was really not ok; that it was something you could have with your husband when you got married.

‘Later in my adult life I got more messages from society that it was ok to have sex but only with someone that you saw a potential relationship with; with someone that could potentially become your husband.

‘That didnt feel great either.

‘So I was suffering a lot with how to be sexual. I had this sexuality inside me and never felt like I could express it without getting in trouble for it.’

Nevertheless by the time Brim turned 27, she would tell finding a relationship became a near-impossible exercise.

Offers Brim: ‘I looked around and saw there were many single people around me, all of them attractive, talented and intelligent people,’

‘Some of them hadn’t been in a relationship for years.’

‘I don’t believe in putting your energy into waiting for the perfect partner to come along. I believe in looking at what’s there.’

Lauren Brim

Brim, a trained dancer who has performed with New York City’s Radio City Rockettes, insists the book is not a How To guide – rather a reconfiguration of sexual rules.

She says readers will be empowered to stop expecting love from sex, which should be celebrated in its own right.

‘These expectations I had of my sexual partners – “why didnt they love me?”

‘Sex and relationships and love were knotted up and I needed to unravel them.

‘Where do sexual ideas come from? Why are we telling women they can only have relationships?

‘We need to set women free because women are really sexual and they’re powerful.

And her advice for females?

Without missing a beat, Brim offers: ‘Relate to people differently, have less expectations.’

What do you think ladies, do you need to find the one before you sexually liberate yourself or is Lauren Brim just experiencing sex for sex’s sake and if so why should we as a society reprimand her or any other woman who may wish to experience the possibilities of one’s own sexual emancipation?


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