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Volafile: Fappening celebrity nude photos selling online for $350

Volafile, where celebrity nudes continue to trade undetected on the web at a new underground destination….

A report this evening has told that a massive cache of stolen photos have now moved on from trading on the fappening onto a German site called Volafile where many never before seen collections are trading for hundreds of dollars.

Perhaps in light of the excess attention the celebgate/fappening leaks have generated in recent weeks, hackers have since gone underground in the hopes of continuing the trading of their wares uninterrupted and most importantly unimpeded.

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Tells a report via  businessinsider after hundreds of files came to be dumped on porn forum AnonIB and 4chan over labor day weekend, ‘hackers had infiltrated Apple’s iCloud service and made away with a seemingly endless trove of stolen photographs. But for those in the know, this wasn’t new. Rather, it signaled the death of a thriving underground industry that had existed online for years.’

‘This is the story of that death, and the way it led within days to a reconstitution of the marketplace in a new home, where it thrives today.’

With the trading of stolen images once again going underground, business insider tells that the site Volafile has now become a kind of beacon for the continuation of a forum where hackers set about swapping and selling stolen images away from the glare of the media and public at large, much like they had apparently for many years before ‘OriginalGuy’ came to dump their cache over the web in a first wave this recent Labor day.

Described as a ‘realtime filesharing’ site with a chat function, Volafile users are able to post images and other files, some of it pornographic in nature, that disappear after a short period of time, where users during this time take to trading amongst themselves.

In their report, business insider notes the trading of images of actresses Annalynne McCord and Abigail Spencer being shared to the praise of other users, including images of Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney whose underage images are also encouraged.

Upon being contacted by business insider, the site’s owner Nils Kuhnhenn deletes the chatrooms along with the automatically generated backups of files, telling the site that he deletes the rooms violating the site’s terms of use as they are discovered.

That said larger troves of as of yet unleaked images have also begun trading outside of Volafile where dealers sell their wares for bit coins.

One dealer named Sets Ahoy, who sells collections of photos by the dozen, was contacted through his encrypted email address and offered to sell sets of celebrities such as UK model Daisy Lowe.


‘Today it’s been 1 btc,’ read the email sent to Business Insider, who posed as a buyer. ‘I do offer discounts for multiple sets though.’

The cryptocurrency is currently trading just under $350 for one bitcoin.

Sets Ahoy verified his samples of the photos through a Dropbox link, then deleted them.

It is not certain how the cloud-based file storage site will respond to the use of their site.

What this does show is that, in spite of this summer’s massive leak and subsequent responses from Apple and Google over cloud-computing’s security flaws, the community sharing celebrity nudes was only temporarily disrupted.

Altogether, dealers and other collectors may be holding onto thousands of photos of celebrities, and simply staying quiet opines the UK’s dailymail. An assertion that many including this author would adhere to, albeit conditional on ongoing demand and the willingness of hackers to put themselves on the line.

That’s in addition to the unknown number of photos of non-celebrities whose photos hackers have quietly been stealing for years, as Wired pointed out.



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