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Video: Chinese woman Lin Yao Li stripped and beaten by 4 women after sleeping with another woman’s husband

 Lin Yao Li stripped and beaten
Because it’s always a woman’s fault why men cheat….

Chinese woman Lin Yao Li has incurred the wrath of fellow women after discovering she had slept with a fellow woman’s husband. Subjected to a vicious beating on the street the woman who had been stripped bare was barely able to get passing police officer’s to raise their eyebrows as a culture ‘of the concubine has made such ‘arguments of the heart’ legitimate in the homeland.

The woman’s beating reports the UK’s dailymail is the latest in a number of similar incidents in which it seems there is placid acceptance in Chinese society of such humiliation, as long as the victim is seen as deserving in having caused a man to cheat on his partner.

At the time of the 38 year old woman’s attack, she had been ambushed by four women as she walked home from the shops in the city of Puyang in eastern China’s Henan Province.

Punching and kicking her to the ground while she writhed in agony, her attackers then ripped her clothes off and continued the beating, pulling her hair and kicking her in the breasts and groin.

Passers bys who witnessed the attack would later mention that they did not think it was their duty to help the defenceless woman.

 Lin Yao Li stripped and beaten

Local man Jun Feng, 30, who helped the woman after spotting her lying on the ground after her attackers left told local TV: ‘This type of thing is becoming quite normal.

‘Angry wives and girlfriends get their revenge on their cheating men by attacking the other woman.

‘People don’t tend to get involved because they see it as being an argument of the heart.’

The woman was later taken to hospital where she was being treated for cuts, severe bruising and shock after begging someone to call an ambulance.

Last month a similar attack happened in Jinan city, in Eastern China’s Shandong Province, when three women were videod wearing stilettos stripped and stamped on a women they accused of being a mistress and making the husband cheat.

At the time a police spokesman declined to comment, saying they had not received any complaint from any of those involved.

Then there were these comments on the web that made me wonder:

Slut Shaming comes from women, not men.

In China, a man worth marrying has money/ status of some kind (otherwise good fucking luck loser). In Chinese culture, the “hivemind” believes that men are stupid and cannot control sexual urges and will cheat (or in lighter terms, “men will be men”), so the blame predominantly falls on the mistress for tempting the man. They are punishing the mistress for trying to steal her man, who is her prize and the central pillar of her world (financially, emotionally, and family-wise).

Morally, it takes two to cheat, so the husband is technically more at fault for accepting the advances of the woman, but because of his status and because the wife can’t punish the man without jeopardizing her wellbeing (and for the reasons above), the wife can only take out her anger on the mistress.

 Lin Yao Li stripped and beaten

 Lin Yao Li stripped and beaten

 Lin Yao Li stripped and beaten

 Lin Yao Li stripped and beaten



  1. You wouldn’t feel the same if you were stripped naked in public and beaten by a group. And pictures taken and posted online.

  2. what people actually do is probably a mixture. I was mostly concerned with how US media portrays relationships. men are responsible for their failures. when women fail we ask questions and wonder about her mental health and so on.

  3. edit: “most of the women I know blame the women” not “men”

    There is a strong idea among women that women shouldn’t betray other women, but all men are expected to cheat if given the chance.

  4. Not true. Maybe you had this experience, but most of the women I know blame the men. And men don’t care at all about the sluttiness of their other male friends. Me and my friend are American. My friend’s husband cheated on her with 3 different women. He has had babies with them even. She blames the women every time she complains about it. She said, “Men don’t think with their brains. They think with their dicks. A man will have sex with any woman that hits on him. But a woman should no better than to be a home wrecker! They knew he was married. That’s what I cannot forgive!” I thought she sounds crazy. But most of her girlfriends agree with her logic.

  5. This is proof that our society is patriarchal. The man cheated, not this girl. There are chances she didn’t even know he was married. Married tears womyn away from each other, and makes us slaves to men. Men are dangerous. They have the ability to destroy significant parts of your life in a single blow. DON’T MARRY!

  6. More like men get away with murder, literally. Marriage is the most harmful thing adult womyn suffer.

  7. Why? She just got roughed up, not killed.

    I thought this was a bit amusing, like “Wow. That’s some serious girl drama”.

  8. In America its the opposite. Here, the blame for all sexual misconduct is on men. Too many good men are persecuted on the altar of public opinion because of this erroneous belief.

  9. What if this isn’t as reported and just designed bullying like a middle-aged florist and his wife conniving with murderers to set up a new unalluring widow by grabbing her and trying to kiss her on more than one occasion so that she no longer could answer knocks on the office door and when she tried to tell police and a local respected member of her community, she got the cold shoulder.

    I know a rich HK girl that this happened to in China years later. She was beaten by two Mainland girls one of whom was newly involved with a Korean boyfriend and he stood in the doorway and watched as those two big girls beat up the HK girl for being a flirt and thinking she was better than they were. That guy was rejected by the HK girl earlier and then dated the new girl and made that new girl feel insecure and infuriated that this very pretty HK girl was still on his mind.

    She didn’t just get beat up, she got kicked by those two girls.

    And I just want to say – my dad told my mom to ALWAYS stay away from couples – you don’t know what they are about, you don’t know if they are together, married, spoken for, whatever – but you don’t want to have anything to do with them.

    But he never told her what strategy to use if you were in danger of being set up to be called a Scarlet Woman.

    That mistress accusation is an effective disguise for criminal intentional planned violence and character assassination.

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