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Symone Greene: Parents to sue substitute teacher $11m for performing oral sex on son

Symone Greene
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The parents of a 17 year old football player have told that they intend to sue the school at which Symone Greene a substitute performed oral sex on to the tune of $11 million.

The suit comes off the back of the Washington DC teacher’s arrest last week after she came to perform oral sex with the boy on her first day at the job at Options Public Charter School.

At the time the teacher would allow the student to video tape the indiscretion who would in turn share it with other students.

Symone Greene, substitute teacher has sex with football student on first day of school

Pursuant to the indiscretion, Symone Greene then allegedly sent the teen a text message over the weekend asking him not to tell anyone because ‘it is not right for a student and teacher to have a relationship.’

In the suit, the child’s parents claim that the school and the the private company that hired Greene didn’t do enough to ensure she wouldn’t prey on the vulnerable students under her care, WRC-TV reports.

The suit would also allege that Greene was ‘unqualified to serve as a teacher’ and that she had deliberately and maliciously made sexual contact with the victim, exposing him to possible sexually transmitted diseases.

The suit, which also names Greene, also alleges the substitute teacher took advantage of the child who has a learning disadvantage after they had sexual indiscretions in an empty classroom following a pep rally for the football team.

Greene has since been charged with first degree sexual abuse of a minor.

Symone Greene

The lawsuit alleges that Green initiated the flirting that led to the alleged sexual encounter whilst another teacher witnessed the flirting but did nothing to intervene.

At the time of the teacher’s arrest the student told police that he ‘flirted’ with the teacher earlier in the day on October 17 and that he sent a text message to her asking if she was ‘kinky,‘ after he was able to secure her phone number.

The teacher in turn would text back: ‘I don’t tell, I show.’

The teacher would over the weekend send the student a picture of herself.

Nevertheless the family’s lawyer has told it bears no consequence who actually initiated flirting as the teacher failed to properly exercise her position of authority.

Reiterated Governor Jackson: ‘Even if that young man came into his classroom wearing nothing but boxers and came on even stronger than what’s been alleged in the complaint, then that teacher had a duty to step in and stop that behavior, notify the proper authorities and hold fast to the standard which we has members of the society expect our teachers to live up to.’

Shannon Hodge, the school’s executive director would also add the following: ‘When school administrators learned of the incident Monday morning, we immediately contacted the Child and Family Services Agency, the Metropolitan Police Department, and the parent of the student.’

At present the school has declined to comment on the suit. Can anyone guess why?

Symone Greene

Symone Greene


  1. Look at the pictures. This tardball should never have been given a license to teach in the first place.

    Also isn’t 17 the age of consent? What/how is she or the district culpable for anything?

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