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Oliver Ilic, Macedonian man chops off his ‘small penis’ after bad break up

Oliver Ilic
How one man’s penis failed him…

Oliver Ilic a Macedonian man has chopped off his penis and thrown it away after a girlfriend broke up with him, citing unsatisfactory sex.

According to the man he believed his ‘small penis’ was to blame for the demise of their relationship.

The 22 year old is said to have removed his penis with one slice of a razor blade. Yet he would run into complications when he couldn’t stop bleeding, forced into contacting medics who rushed him to hospital in Kocani as blood began to seep through his jeans.

After some frantic searching, cops were able to find the man’s dislocated penis in a nearby trashcan along with the razor blade at the man’s house.

Although hopes for reattachment initially didn’t look good–some sites reported yesterday that the hospital didn’t have any doctors qualified to perform the surgery—Ilic was transferred to a different facility in Skopje, where his dislodged penis was surgically reconnected.

Recently a 40-year-old Macedonian man chopped off his own penis then flushed it down the toilet.

It is not known at present whether Oliver Ilic will ever get to use his penis again or for that matter enter another bad relationship (with himself).

Oliver Ilic

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  • siriusthecat

    Macedonian men have tiny penises, got it.

  • Korean1Peninsula1Korean

    Your penis is not the problem. My friend….. it is your attitude………..