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Jennifer Lawrence scandal. Is it a sex crime to look?

Jennifer Lawrence scandal
Does the Jennifer Lawrence scandal count as a sex crime?

In a revealing feature with Vanity Fair magazine, actress Jennifer Lawrence has told that the leaking of nude images of her doesn’t rest at being merely a scandal but also a sex crime.

Told the actress: ‘It is not a scandal. It is a sex crime,’

‘It is a sexual violation. It’s disgusting. The law needs to be changed, and we need to change. That’s why these websites are responsible. Just the fact that somebody can be sexually exploited and violated, and the first thought that crosses somebody’s mind is to make a profit from it. It’s so beyond me.’

The actress also chastises friends who snuck a peek at the pics: ‘Even people who I know and love say, ‘Oh, yeah, I looked at the pictures.’ I don’t want to get mad, but at the same time I’m thinking, I didn’t tell you that you could look at my naked body.” Fair enough! It is super weird for friends to look at your nudes without explicit permission.’

The actresses comments (after a period of keeping her thoughts to herself) have since led to a variety of media outlets siding with the actress whilst others including our outlet challenges the integrity of any argument that viewing or even publishing images that make their way onto cyberland is somehow tantamount to a sex crime, in so far an intangible idea, image can only be that, never mind the lack of any physicality involved that normally invokes the accusation of a sex crime.

Jennifer Lawrence scandal

Curious as to what other media outlets thought along with commentators I collected the following views. Is it a sex crime to run images of a naked individuality on the web and furthermore is it equally a sex crime for you or me to look at those images once they land on the web? See what you think?

The following off the web in no particular order:

the image isn’t a sex crime (unless the subject was underage). the distribution of the image without permission is the crime. it doesn’t matter what your profession is.

Leaked photos is not sexual assault, and it barely counts as a sex crime (since no one peeped and took photos). This is theft, plain and simple.

So, Jennifer Lawrence is a feminist. Good for her and good for all her fans. Excellent statement. I’m glad she called this sexual assault. I’m glad she made that connection.

What if you looked at the naked pictures, but didn’t masturbate to them?

It makes me happy that people think the Fappening is a crime, but at the same time I am more than a little incredulous at the level of selective moral outrage on display.

Jennifer is right that this is a sex crime, but I wish she didn’t feel a need to justify her pictures by saying she was in a loving long-term relationship so she’s not sorry. It shouldn’t matter if a woman is in a relationship at all. She shouldn’t be sorry even if she met the guy last night. Hacking and leaking those pictures is a crime regardless of the reason they were taken.

Over the years there have been countless leaks of celebrity nude photos and sex tapes, images that were made public without the consent of the parties depicted in them. They have been greeted with widespread glee and/or snark almost every time, and widely disseminated and consumed without any discussion of the ethical implications. 

I don’t have a problem with her feeling terrible for having her privacy violated in the case of the initial stealing of the pictures. I just have a problem with blaming people for wanting to see the pictures. People generally, in the case of the fappening anyway, wanted to see those pictures to first verify they weren’t total troll bullshit and also because of natural tendencies and inclinations, a very natural feeling of arousal lead to these photos being taken and is what drove people to want to see them. No, she didn’t consent to millions of people seeing her naked, and it’s definitely unfortunate, but you can’t really blame people for wanting to see the pictures when they were all over public domain. There’s something wrong about the situation, but it’s not fair to call it rape.

I feel bad for her, and her privacy was wrongly violated. However, whether I viewed the pics or not, they were no longer private. However unfortunate it might be, she can no longer claim viewing those photos is a violation of her privacy. It was the leak that violated that privacy, but once they were leaked, they were no longer private.

It’s also absolutely NOT a sex crime. We didn’t tear the clothes from her body, she took the images herself. She isn’t even having sex in the pictures or doing anything sexual. The leak was a privacy violation, but not a sex crime.

Looking at the pictures doesn’t perpetuate the crime. Being a celebrity does. The aspect of celebrity creates the demand to see them naked, which results in the hacks and leaks. Whether people look at them or not, this is going to happen as long as it’s possible.

Whoa….easy now. Sex crime victims may not be in total agreement.

As the survivor of a violent sexual assault, I’m offended that Lawrence would use that language. To do so, trivializes the whole idea of sex crime.

I’m especially appalled because Hollywood has shown complete disregard when members of the Hollywood elite commit violent sexual crimes. Would Ms. Lawrence decline the opportunity to star in a Woody Allen or Roman Polanski film?

Honestly I don’t understand your “offence.” The leaking of those pictures IS a sex crime – the result of a society so steeped in rape culture and misogny that the non-consensual release of those images (and the sites that trade in “revenge porn” and the like) is not immediatly seen for what it is – a gross violation meant to dehumanize and put her “back in her place” as object.

As a fellow survivor, I do not understand your premise that it trivializes. It doesn’t…it is at the core.

In a media culture where women regularly peal for the male gaze and agree to the widest dissemination of those photographs, to hear one of these precious little souls lament about how they’ve been violated and abused, how their personal DIY porn has been offered to the world, and how viewing it is a sex crime, a perpetuation of sexual violence, a violation of her personal dignity, etc. is enough to make one puke.

Here is my problem with what Jennifer said… Was this illegal, yes, was it a violation of privacy? Yes, no doubt.

Should the people watching the pics feel ashamed and feel disgusting, I don’t know… WHY? should the same people feel disgusting when they saw her in MAXIM? or when they saw her in her underwear? should people feel ashamed for watching her in X Men where you could see a lot of her body in that suit?

I know seeing her leaked pics and seeing her in sexy magazines is technically not the same, I know they are very different. these were fully nude and these were leaks…

But my problem with this whole thing is how she has used her body and her sexiness to get fame and money for years. She Chose to become a sex symbol to get more recognition.

Like seriously? after years of guys seeing her half naked (And seeing her curves in X MEN) she is shocked that guys really really wanted to see her nude? like for real?

This is not even about the leaks or the invasion of privacy (which were really bad) it is about how someone can be in the stoplight or years as a sex symbol and then all of the sudden be so shocked because these dudes want to fap to her nude pics. The leakers might not even be in the USA, so how would changing the laws help? what laws? what laws can be changed?

How come she didn’t ask for Paparazzi to become an illegal Job? What’s the difference between this and a Nipple Slip picture taken by a paparazzo?

What about the other girls that were leaked? the ones that are less famous? how come no one in the media gives a shit about them? If anything the fappening was interesting to see because it showed how both sides were obsessed with Jennifer.

The guys fapping were obsessed with seeing her pics, and the people defending her and the media were obsessed with only defending her and no one else. The amount of worship over this girl from both sides was kind of amazing.

Seriously I don’t know what side worships her more, the dudes looking at the nudes or the people trying to defend her. I think the biggest problem is now everyone is acting like if Jennifer is the new Messiah or something

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