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Duncan Willis raped 3 women, murdered mother believing they called child services

Duncan Willis
What possessed one man to impart his violence and carnage?

Duncan Willis, 27 a Big Rapids, Michigan man has been sentenced to life plus 202 years jail after raping three women, killing another during a 2012 standoff.

Besotted with rage, Willis had broken into the women’s home across the street after believing one of them had called child services on him, repeatedly raping the women over a ten hour period and eventually shooting  dead one of the women’s mothers.

Along with raping the women, Wednesday’s packed court room hearing heard how the man had also antagonized and terrorized the women’s children at their mobile home.

Told one of the women during sentencing proceedings, Susan Baker: ‘My whole world has been rocked,’

‘He didn’t ruin me because I will never let him win.”

When Willis responded to her, saying: ‘You know nothing about me,’ he was ordered to be silent by the judge.

At the time of the standoff Willis had recently come to gain custody of six-year-old twins and was caring for three other children yet had come to believe that the women had filed a report to child welfare workers who had recently sought answers to new allegations. Cops would later tell that a report had never emanated from the women.

During Wednesday’s sentencing, prosecutors told how Duncan Willis, a bottle of liquor and shotgun in hand, barged into the home believing his neighbors reported him to state child welfare workers. When Katherine Hawley showed up to intervene after receiving a phone call from a concerned boyfriend of one of the captive women the 58-year-old woman was shot dead in front of daughter, Jamey Shields, who had been raped earlier.

Willis was found guilty of first-degree murder, two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent and felony firearm on Oct. 3, MLive reported.

‘I would challenge anyone to find a more heinous crime than this one,’ Prosecutor Peter Jaklevic told MLive. ‘Mr. Willis and his conduct that night, he ranks at the top in terms of this county’s history.’

Two 7-year-old boys and a 7-month-old girl were also in the home during the ordeal, which began at 8:30 p.m. and ended after Willis surrendered to police.

When news of the attack was made public in 2013 his relatives said they were at a loss to understand what happened.

‘He is not that monster,‘ his sister Melissa Earl said at the time, reported Mlive.

She admitted he struggled with anger issues and alcoholism in the past and did have a record of domestic violence.

He had previous convictions for domestic violence and assault.

During sentencing, Willis denied committing any of the crimes.