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Ashley Zehnder, cheerleading coach admits to affair with student after naked photo is leaked

Ashley Zehnder
Did Ashley Zehnder betray her position of authority and power as a teacher when she consummated a sexual relationship with a 17 year old student?

Ashley Elizabeth Zehnder a former biology teacher and assistant cheerleading coach at Pasedena High school in Houston, Texas has been charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a 17 year old student after naked images of her began to make the rounds.

The 24 year old woman would quit her job on October 9th after a nude photo she had taken on snap chat made the rounds which eventually led to the teacher admitting that she had been in a ‘relationship‘ with the student all summer long. Her resignation would come a week after the school began investigating a possible sexual connection between the teacher and the student who subsequently admitted to leaking the photo to fellow students.

According to the prosecutor, Zehnder first complained to administrators this fall that students were passing around a nude photo of her. The 17-year-old student then admitted to the school that Zehnder sent him the pic in the first place, prompting an investigation.

In a statement to KHOU 11 assistant district attorney Nick Socias told that the student involved was ‘was able to describe her room, her apartment, the layout of it, exactly where it was.’

Ashley Zehnder

Ashley ZehnderThe student said he and Zehnder began having sex in May and continued to do so through August, at which point Ashley Zehnder then confessed.

The pair first met because the student was on the cheerleading squad. According to the Houston Chronicle, ‘He told officers … that the relationship began when he lost his cellphone and used the teacher’s phone to locate his. He saved Zehnder’s phone numbers and they began texting.’

Offered the school district: ‘These charges are very serious and this behavior will not be tolerated in Pasadena ISD,’ 

‘When an educator violates the trust of a student, it makes it difficult for the majority of teachers who genuinely care for the safety and well-being of students.’

The former teacher has since been released on a $10,000 bond.

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Ashley Zehnder
‘Secret life’: Zehnder, pictured with her 17 year old boyfriend, allegedly started the relationship with the student in May

Ashley Zehnder

Ashley Zehnder

Ashley Zehnder

Ashley Zehnder

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  • Oh dear, the plot thickens …..

  • It’s funny how they blacked out the face of her fiancé on the first photo and not on the second photo.

    “We got more news for you”

  • TJ

    FYI…..the “secret life” FB pic you posted in this article is NOT her 17 y/o boyfriend, it’s her fiancee. (or now probably “ex” fiancee)