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The Fappening 3: Jennifer Lawrence naked; 55 new images released

The Fappening 3
How did Jennifer Lawrence naked images make round three of the Fappening?

In what has come to be labelled as The Fappening 3, a total of 55 new naked images of Jennifer Lawrence have been released via 4chan and reddit.

The 3rd installment of celebgate comes as social media had come to anticipate a new batch with the upcoming weekend and it seems hackers eager to please have not failed to once again display their wares.

Jennifer Lawrence leaked naked pictures, the biggest story of 2014

The Fappening continues: Sarah Shahi naked (nsfw) leaked November 3.


Volafile: Fappening celebrity nude photos selling online for $350

Jennifer Lawrence scandal. Is it a sex crime to look?

Jennifer Lawrence nude: ‘It’s a sex crime, the law needs to change’

Video: Amber Heard nude cell phone leaked. Sexy talk to lover

The actress is one of many celebs caught up in the latest installment, including actress Amber Heard for a second time (see new images here), supermodel Cara Delevingne (see images here), Kelli Garner (see images here)Mena Suvari, Kelli GarnerAnna Kendrick (see images here), Lizzy Caplan and Carly Pope (see images here), Brooke Burns and Rachel Nichols (see images hereOlympic gold medalist Misty May- Treanor, Briana Evigan, model and actress Carly Foulkes (see naked images here).

The latest batch of images come after the following celebrities came to also make it on to the web, including Emily Ratajkowski andCandice Swanepoel (see images here), Kaley Cuoco (see new images here), Kim Kardashian (see images hereKate Bosworth (see images here), Lake Bell and Vanessa Hudgens amongst many other lesser well known names.

The pictures were allegedly retrieved due to an iCloud leak that allowed celebrities’ phones and computers to be hacked. The cyber hacker first posted the nude pics on image sharing website 4chan in an attempt to earn Bitcoins.

Buzzfeed would also note that a video also circulated Friday purporting to offer a glimpse into the many files that haven’t yet leaked. In the video, an unnamed narrator claims “there’s plenty of links left” while showing a screen shot of rows and rows of computer files.

Businessinsider notes Fappening 3 comes back to security in the cloud, and on the heels of the report that Apple may have known about a vulnerability in iCloud about six months before the hacking scandal according to The Daily Dot.

The Fappening 3
One of the celebs implicated in the released video.

The Fappening 3

The Fappening 3

The Fappening 3

The Fappening. When will hackers stop releasing Celebgate images?

Fappening: (NSFW) French actresses Elodie Varlet and Salome Stevenin naked

The Fappening. When will hackers stop releasing Celebgate images?

(NSFW) Erin Heatherton, Cat Deeley, Erin Cummins naked leaked

(NSFW) Real Housewives of Miami Joanna Krupa naked leaked.

Hacked celebs lawyers threaten to sue Google for $100M. Do they have a case?

Winona Ryder naked unconfirmed trades on DevilsFruit and FappeningDiscussion

The Fappening: Message from hackers: there is more to come

(NSFW) The Fappening 3: Amber Heard Naked. New images released.

(NSFW) Kelli Garner naked via The Fappening 3.

(NSFW) Cara Delevingne naked leaked via 4chan. But are they fake?

Anna Kendrick leaked in Fappening part 3. Drugs galore.

Jennifer Lawrence naked via Fappening 3: Social media disappointed

(NSFW) T mobile model, Carly Foulkes naked via Fappening 3.

(NSFW) Lizzy Caplan and Carly Pope naked via Fappening 3.

Brooke Burns and Rachel Nichols naked via Fappening 3

Emma Watson naked hoax: Anonymous to go after Rantic

Celebgate photo hacker ring likely to be US based says FBI

Emma Watson naked hoax: A hoax within a hoax…

Celebgate. Why did the web salivate over the 4chan leaked photos?

Olga Lyulchak, Ukrainian politician laughs off her naked leaked images.

(NSFW) Emily Ratajkowski and Candice Swanepoel naked via 4chan.

(NSFW) Rihanna naked leaks via 4chan? No comment…

(NSFW) Amber Heard naked leak pictures via 4chan too?

(NSFW) New Scarlett Johansson naked leaked pictures via old hack.

Jennifer Lawrence naked: TheFappening and misogynism.

Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian nude leaks. Do they deserve it?

(NSFW) Kate Bosworth naked leaked images via 4chan?

(NSFW) Kim Kardashian naked photos leaked by 4chan?

(NSFW) New Jennifer Lawrence naked photos leaked by 4chan?

(NSFW) Vanessa Hudgens naked leaked photos via 4Chan. Yet to confirm

(NSFW) Lake Bell naked pictures leaked via 4chan?

(NSFW) Kaley Cuoco naked once again as Kim Kardashian leak explodes

Kaley Cuoco naked photos: I freaked out when they weren’t fake this time

(NSFW) Kaley Cuoco leaked naked pictures and video.

Candice Swanepoel instagrams bikini bottom and I am dizzy.

Candice Swanepoel Instagram. Victoria’s Secret Bahamas photo shoot. Would you hit it?

Has Victoria’s Secret supermodel Candice Swanepoel gone too far with her new abs instagram picture?

Kirsten Dunst naked photos: ‘I’m just laughing about it.’ Or is she?

(NSFW) Hayden Panettiere naked pictures via 4chan leaked.

(NSFW) Joy Corrigan warned Apple leaked images were stolen. May sue now? 

Hmm, Hayden Panettiere’s breasts look awfully fake to me…

Are Jennifer Lawrence nude pictures for sale? Fappening report under surveillance 

Reddit made a ton of money with TheFappening. But so what? 

(NSFW) Joy Corrigan naked leak pictures via 4chan now hits the tapes.

Jennifer Lawrence nude exhibit cancelled. Artist finds sudden empathy 

Jennifer Lawrence leaked pictures leads to New Zealand internet collapse. 

Jennifer Lawrence naked. Why we took down the images. 

Reddit bans TheFappening after new Jennifer Lawrence leak threats. 

New Jennifer Lawrence naked photos released says TheFappening twitter account

Kaley Cuoco: New leaked naked pictures appear in second released wave 

Jennifer Lawrence naked pics set to appear in gallery show. But is it legal? 

Why you should click on Jennifer Lawrence naked pictures if you want to. 

Jennifer Lawrence naked photos. Are websites legally obliged to take down? 

Porn sites refuse to take down Jennifer Lawrence naked leaked images 

AnonIB: Were Celebgate photos the result of an underground hacking and trading ring? 

TheFappening: McKayla Maroney leaked naked photos are child porn says lawyer 

OriginalGuy, Jennifer Lawrence leaked naked hacker is on the run. 

Apple calls celebrity leak hack a targeted attack not a software flaw 

(NSFW) Victoria Justice leaked naked pictures. Fake or real? 

(NSFW) Ariana Grande leaked naked pictures. Are they fake? 

(NSFW) Mary Elizabeth Winstead leaked naked pictures. Twitter trolls blame her 

(NSFW) Jennifer Lawrence video leaked. Seeking paypal donations 

(NSFW) Brie Larson leaked naked pictures. 

(NSFW) Aubrey Plaza leaked naked pictures. 

(NSFW) Kate Upton leaked naked pictures via 4chan. Threatens to sue. 

(NSFW) Kirsten Dunst leaked naked pictures. Tweets anger at Apple iCloud 

(NSFW) Kaley Cuoco leaked naked pictures and video. 

Selena Gomez topless. Are the hacked photos real?

(NSFW) Jennifer Lawrence naked pictures. 4chan hacker has 50 pictures and erotic video 

Is Scarlett Johansson leaked photos sentence of ten years too harsh?

Computer hacker who leaked nude photos of Scarlett Johansson gets 10 years.

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