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Sean Shaynak, Brooklyn teacher had sex with 6 female students and forced lesbian sex

Sean Shaynak
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Sean Shaynak, a 44 year old math and physics teacher at the prestigious Brooklyn Technical High faces 36 counts of kidnapping and criminal sex acts against female students aged from 13 to 19.

The charges agains the sex craven teacher come after it was revealed that Sean Shaynak had sexual trysts with multiple students, including taking them to sex clubs, nude beaches whilst handing out straight A’s to a student who Shaynak had been sleeping with.

During court proceedings today, Brooklyn Supreme Court heard how the divorced father of a 9 year old’s debauchery first came to light after the teacher was discovered sending a picture of his penis to a 16 year old student this recent August.

That though told Assistant District Attorney Joseph Mancino was just the tip of the perversion at the hands of the teacher as the teacher was then discovered to be carrying out his perversion with as many as six other female students.

Told Mancino via the nydailynews: ‘We discovered six additional students,’

‘The defendant, clearly from his actions, looked to groom these students.’

In one espisode the court heard how Shaynak took a 15-year-old girl without permission to a nude beach in New Jersey and, at his home, plied her with vodka, tequila and whisky until she passed out.

The two exchanged some 10,000 text messages and her teacher asked her to participate in lesbian sex with another student.

He gave another student 100s ‘regardless of the fact she did not do any assignments and left tests blank,’ Mancino said.

The girl resisted when the sex became too kinky, he added, but the teacher forced himself anyway.

Sean Shaynak

With yet another teen, Shaynak allegedly carried on a ‘four-month sexual relationship’ that included him taking her to an out-of-state gay sex club and having her watch him ‘serviced’ by men, a source told.

The court would also hear of another episode in which Shaynak took that student to through ‘a terror ride‘ from Queens to Brooklyn that ended with her hiding in the bushes as he screamed and banged on his car.

Investigators would tell that upon searching his computer that the teacher had sent the full frontal photo of his penis to three additional students, including finding pornographic images, including bestiality on his hard drive.

Reiterated Brooklyn district attorney Kenneth Thompson: ‘It is shocking that a public high school teacher allegedly sexually preyed on vulnerable students,’

‘We will now seek to vindicate the rights of those students.’

The criminal conduct started in the fall of 2012 and continued until this summer, court papers say. Sean Shaynak now faces the prospect of  25 years prison for the top charge, but can get a lot more for the multiple incidents.

Reacting to the fracas, Tangina Ahmed, 16, a junior at the school told: ‘Some people were aware of it. They said that they saw it coming, that he was a perv — the way he looked at girls. I find that really gross.’

Told another student: ‘There was too much weird physical contact, including hugging.’

‘After I graduated, I added him on Facebook, and he messaged me,’

‘It was jokingly, but he was just like, ‘Are you Facebook stalking me?’ The conversation got weird. He always felt a little too comfortable.’

Others though would express shock that allegations have been levied against the amateur pilot who runs an aerospace after-school club.

Reacting to the charges against him, defense lawyer Kimberly Summers pleaded not guilty on his behalf.

Told Summers in court: ‘My client maintains his innocence on all these charges,’

Summers would then claim that one student ‘was working on a project with him, which would explain the voluminous text message.’

Nevertheless bail was set at $1 million.

Reacting to the crises, Department of Education spokeswoman Devora Kaye offered the following: ‘These alleged actions are completely unacceptable and have no place in, or outside of, our schools,’

‘He is not, and will not be, in contact with students. Student safety remains our top priority.’

Interestingly  Shaynak had been previously assigned to the rubber room, where he continued to collect a $52,744-a-year salary. It is not understood at present why it took the school so long to unearth the sexually depraved accused’s actions.

And then there were these comments on the web that caught my attention:

I understand that this is an issue of both legality and morality. It should speak for itself. So before people start throwing about judgements I’d like to put on record, as a somewhat recent graduate who had Mr. Shaynak as a teacher, that not only was he the best and motivated math/physics instructor that I encountered during my time at the school, he (more so than any other teacher I encountered at Tech) created that “safe haven” for students by making his classroom available for tutoring, clubs, advice, or just if you needed somewhere to be. Although not always the most professional in words, he maintained a professional relationship with students and was always eager to find out about your interests so he could help you understand and enjoy the subjects he taught and loved through them. I don’t know if he did something flawed, but I do know that in a school of flaws he made a positive difference in my experience there.

Certainly a case where the principal should resign, or be fired.

Sean Shaynak
Brooklyn Technical High school in Ft Greene Brooklyn
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