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Olga Lyulchak, Ukrainian politician laughs off her naked leaked images.

Olga Lyulchak
Olga Lyulchak, taking it all in stride…

It seems not everyone is upset with the latest celebgate scandal, point in case, Ukrainian politician, Olga Lyulchak who has told she considers her leaked images a work of art. That however is not how parliament necessarily sees the naked images of the 30 year old parliamentary candidate.

In fact the leaking of images last week would lead to a wave of controversy, this after the svelte politician lost her spot on the Kiev city council in local elections in May.

Despite the new criticism leveled at the beauty, Olga Lyulchak has told she should not be demonized as a result of the nude images, going so far as to call the leaked images nothing but art.

Offered the beauty: The world honours the great works of great masters such as Van Gough, Titian and others.

‘They created naked beauty which was admired.’

Adding: ‘In our day and age woman who appear naked are considered vulgar or shameful.

‘I can’t understand it. I think they are pure art.’

Ms Lyulchak is standing for election with ex-heavyweight champ Vitali Klitschko’s Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (UDAR) party.

Coincidentally, Klitschko’s brother’s fiancée, US actress Hayden Panettiere, has also come to be caught up in the iCloud hacking (you can see the images here).

The Ukrainian parliamentary elections will be held on 26 October.

via dailymail.co.uk

Olga Lyulchak

Olga Lyulchak

Olga Lyulchak

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