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Oh really? Todd Gibson, Penn high school teacher arrested after sending inappropriate pics to student

Penn high school teacher arrested after sending inappropriate pics to student
Because sharing one’s most intimate self with their students is bound to eventually catch up and then some…

Todd Gibson a Pennsylvania high school teacher has been arrested after sending inappropriate pictures to one of his female students. What kind of inappropriate pictures you wonder? That of his penis naturally…amongst many others.

Explains The Reporter: Towamencin police said that on June 11, detectives were contacted by North Penn High School administrators to look into allegations regarding Gibson — described in court documents as a history teacher and assistant coach for the school’s water polo team who had been employed by the North Penn School District since August of 2008 — and upon meeting with school officials, police were told that Gibson had allegedly used the cell phone photo messaging application Snapchat to send lewd photos of himself to a student at the school.

Interesting. That ought to raise eyebrows. Which of course it did.

Continues thereporter: Another teacher reported to school administrators that the student had disclosed that Gibson had sent her the photos, and that she “talked about Gibson’s actions during a classroom discussion,” according to an affidavit of probable cause.

In their report, cops told that the student would come to receive from mid-July of 2013 to around Aug. 10, 2013 seemingly creepy friendly correspondences, including that of the teacher’s face and body, before eventually progressing to asking the student what she was wearing (naturally) as well as asking the student to come to his house.

But it got better. Which is to say it really got worse:

On Aug. 11 and Aug. 12 of 2013, police said, the student said that Gibson’s Snapchat messages to her were “sexual in nature” and that the messages included pictures of him undressing and in various states of nudity before he sent her a photo of his genitalia.

It wasn’t long before the student got frustrated with the messages (can you guess why?) having told her high school teacher that ‘someone had found out about their communications.’

Todd Gibson would respond by telling the girl that they had to stop messaging via Snapchat and they should ‘delete each other‘ and pretend shit never happened.

Pretend this never happened? Kids, I don’t know about you, but when my high school teacher sends me a pic of their sexual organs in gyration mode I’m not sure if I can forget that shit. In fact it just might traumatize me. But then again I’m not nearly as sensitive as a female minor…

Shit would eventually hit the wall when the student handed over an image she had saved (but of course Todd could never have suspected this cause lust love causes us all to go blind…) to authorities which then led to a search warrant with respect to all their snap chat correspondences. The search warrant would soon thereafter would also extend (kids can you hear the groaning of misery in the background?) to Gibson’s residence, phone, laptop computer and tablet computer.

The journal reports our collective hero has since been charged with first-degree misdemeanor corruption of minors and taken into custody and is scheduled to be arraigned on Oct. 22.

Because abusing your authority and power is always a sure fire way of turning on a minor. Or is it…?

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Penn high school teacher arrested after sending inappropriate pics to student
Todd Gibson