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Oh really? Richard Lugner, 81 year old billionaire marries 24 year old Playmate

Richard Lugner
Because love never has rhyme or reason….or doe$ it? Cathy Schmitz.

Austria’s Richard Lugner, 81, often described as an eccentric billionaire has gone in for his 5th marriage after marrying German Playboy model, Cathy Schmitz, 24.

The construction magnate best known for an episode in which he paid to date the eponymous Kim Kardashian  (he would later claim she was badly behaved before giving her the flick, oh well) would tell wedding guests this weekend: Hopefully, this time it’s the right thing.”

Richard Lugner would also tell: ‘Apart from the big age difference, everything fits.’

Do you suppo$$$e so Richard?

Reports the UK’s Mirror: Crowds lined the streets of Austrian capital Vienna as the billionaire spared no expense for his bride’s fairytale day at the Schonbrunn Palace, including a horse drawn carriage led by four pure-white Lipizzan horses.

Ushers were dressed in traditional costumes, with endless bottles of champagne filling crystal flutes.

The couple even released two symbolic white doves after their marriage.

The bride wore a wedding gown of a heavily jeweled strapless bustier with a floor length purple chiffon skirt.

She said in an interview before the ceremony: “We did not intend to fall in love. It just happened. Love knows no age.”

Kids tell me you’re not blushing and wishing the tooth fairy of waking up a billionaire tomorrow morning?

 Richard Lugner
Richard Lugner and his new German Playboy wife…merely 57 years in age difference.

Richard LugnerThe Austrian billionaire is better known for inviting many of the world’s A-list women such as Raquel Welch, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian as well as Lindsay Lohan (who was a no show) to grace his arm at the annual opening of the Vienna Opera House.

Yet it would be the Austrian billionaire’s date with Kim Kardashian where shit went down.

Told Lugner earlier this year after an ill fated coordinated meeting between the pair where the reality star was paid $500K:

Kim is annoying me. Because she’s not sticking to the program. 

‘She’s filming and so she doesn’t want to have me around. The guest should be with me and not anywhere else that is not agreed upon.’

Our collective heroine would also come to turn down the billionaire’s offer to dance.

Kim, who was accompanied by her mother Kris, eventually stormed out of the annual event after she took offense at a guest who had painted his face black.

Let’s hope Richard Lugner’s wife number 5 doesn’t storm out anytime soon too…?

 Richard Lugner

 Richard Lugner