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Oh really? Liquid UK nightclub uses picture of drunk semi naked girl to promote parties.

Liquid UK nightclub
Because all women are simply cheap drunk whores….

The UK’s Liquid nightclub has found itself in a spot of bother after it took to using the image of a comatose semi naked drunk girl to promote its parties.

Shit flew off the handle when the Windsor, Berkshire nightclub posted a picture with the caption ‘Want to end up like her? We’re giving away a free booth to groups of girls this friday. DM [direct message] us #Mortal.’

The text accompanies that of an image showing a seemingly unconscious woman wearing just a thong (naturally) and sprawled out on her front surrounded by empty bottles of the good shit.

To boot the promotion offers a ‘free booth’ to a group of girls and urges people to apply by sending a direct message.

Needless to say the advert didn’t go down too well (can you guess why?) prompting the venue to hastily remove its post (within 40 minutes) and issuing an ‘unreserved’ apology.

Offered a Liquid nightclub spokesperson: ‘We apologize unreservedly for any offense caused. Liquid Windsor is a responsible operator and does not condone or promote irresponsible drinking.

‘The post was unauthorised and against company policy, and it was removed within 40 minutes.

‘A disciplinary investigation is now underway and we will be reviewing our social media procedures to ensure this doesn’t happen again.’ 

But that too may have been a little too late as local councillors then took up the cause of why and how such a tweet came to make the rounds in the first place?

Liquid UK nightclub

The UK’s dailymail reports that David Hilton, Conservative member for Ascot, who is chairman of the council’s crime and disorder overview and scrutiny panel, said: ‘This photograph is totally alien to what the council may argue is responsible advertising or promoting responsible drinking.

‘Getting legless, as this young lady appears to be, is exactly what we want to prevent because it leads to the worst kinds of crime and disorder, and young ladies getting in this state puts them at enormous personal risk.’ 

Complicating matters is the assertion that the town’s night-time antics, and how to police it, have become regular points of concern on Royal Borough of Windsor council agendas in recent months.

Local discord has led to members pressing for changes to the Licensing Act 2003 to give local authorities more flexibility in dealing with anti-social behavior.

It comes after an academic report warned that a culture of heavy drinking was leading to sexual molestation becoming the norm on a night out for young women.

In a report on how 18 to 24-year-olds behave on a night out, the survey found one in three girls received inappropriate or unwanted physical attention or groping, but few were surprised.

Academics said that excessive consumption of alcohol had turned Britain’s pubs and clubs into a permissive social arena’.

Liquid UK nightclub
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