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Kirsten Dunst naked photos: ‘I’m just laughing about it.’ Or is she?

Kirsten Dunst naked
How happy is Kirsten Dunst about naked images of her floating on the web really…?

While time may heal all wounds, actress Kirsten Dunst is telling that humor is helping her deal with her feelings of betrayal and disgust after Kirsten Dunst naked images leaked on the web along with other Hollywood starlets, including Jennifer Lawrence, Kaley CuocoHayden Panettiere, Brie LarsonAriana GrandeVictoria JusticeAubrey PlazaMary Elizabeth Winstead and super model Kate Upton.

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In an interview with eonline! the actress told: I try to have a sense of humour about a really unfortunate situation. The FBI is investigating, so they’re handling it right now.’

The comments come after the actress went on to publicly disparage Apple for whom the actress had implicitly blamed for allowing the hacks to occur, inferring that the outlet whose iPhone and iCloud services she had used to store images were lax in their security.

Tweeted the actress as pictures of her made the rounds at the time: ‘Thank you iCloud’ along with icons representing a slice of pizza and a pile of poo.

Who has also come to publicly condemn Apple is model Joy Corrigan, who has since called Apple services ‘crappy.’ The model would also tell last week that she has since launched a lawsuit against Apple for its failure to preempt hackers after having complained to the outlet earlier in July over leaked images. The model would also tell she hoped to have other celebs join her in a class suit against Apple. So far no word if Kirsten Dunst is game.

Since the hack, Kirsten Dunst lawyers have attempted to remove images from the web (we were one of the outlets who took down images when copyright notices arrived) but to date the web is littered with revealing images of the Hollywood actress along with other starlets. Leads into the identity of the hacker have yet to have yielded new clues as threats continue to be made about a second batch of nude images in the near future.

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