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Joelle Lockwood, Indiana mother kept locked up in cage as sex slave


Joelle Lockwood
How did Joelle Lockwood come to be used as a sex toy?

Ricky Roy House Jr, 37, and Kendra Tooley, 44, have been charged with the rape and kidnapping of Joelle Lockwood, during which time the Indiana mother of two had been reported as missing. Missing cause she was locked up in a cage for the purposes of being used as a sex slave.

Joelle Lockwood’s freedom would only come after Ron Higgs, 61 had come to visit his ex wife, Kendra Tooley and her boyfriend, Ricky after she called him looking for a loan of money.

Upon arriving at the woman’s trailer home, Tooley told her former husband she had a surprise waiting for him.

Telling: ‘I’ve got a girl back here in a cage’.

And what a surprise she had.

Reports kfor: Joelle was locked in a cage that was only two and a half feet tall and hidden from plain view.

‘No food, no water, nowhere to use the bathroom,’ Higgs said.

When he first saw Joelle, Higgs said she was only wearing a t-shirt and a dog collar with a rope tied to it, being treated like a slave.

‘This just isn’t adding up. When she cooked all of our meals, she said, ‘Can I have something to eat?’ They said, ‘If there’s something left, you can have something to eat,” he said.

Joelle Lockwood
Ricky Roy House Jr, 37, and Kendra Tooley,

Higgs would tell that he initially had no idea who the woman was or why she was necessarily there, before agreeing to stay with his ex-wife and her boyfriend for two nights before eventually driving the mother-of-two to safety after the woman plead with him to take her away. At the time Higgs was able to have Joelle Lockwood come with him this past Saturday after convincing the couple he would not go to police.

Told Higgs via WFIE-TV: ‘That’s when she told me on the second night with tears running down her eyes, ‘Please, do not leave here without me”.

‘And I promised her, “If I have to give my life to get you out of here – I will”.’

He added: ‘She had a t-shirt on, and that was it. She had a leather belt, like a dog collar, on. Every night they locked here in there. No food, no water.’

Mr Higgs added: ‘Everyone’s calling me a hero, but I’m just a pure-bred American that believes in freedom.’

During her time in captivity the woman would tell along with being forced at gunpoint to have sex with the couple she was also made to cook and clean too. She would also tell she was forced to wear a red dog collar and leash, and restrained at times with bungee cords and zip ties. Authorities would add that Joelle Lockwood had first gone missing on July 9th.

A $500,000 bond was set for House and a $150,000 was set for Tooley. House and Tooley will appear again in court on Oct. 1.

Joelle Lockwood

Joelle Lockwood
Being led to court. Image via instagram

Joelle Lockwood



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