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Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian nude leaks. Do they deserve it?

Jennifer Lawrence nude
How much privacy should we all expect in the digital age?

With the purported leaking of new Jennifer Lawrence nude images and now Kim Kardashian nude images, the internet has once again gone up in arms arguing the merits of whether the celebs involved had it ‘coming to them?’

Perhaps not ironically the debate raging on the web comes after Kim Kardashian had this herself to recently say during a radio interview earlier this month: 

Kim Kardashian called that first big leak ‘a wake-up call for people to make sure they have every privacy setting.’

‘It seems like there are a lot of people that love to spend their time hacking peoples’ information and that’s just a scary thing,‘ she said, predictably without a betrayal of any irony.

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The debate would raise questions as to the expectancy of privacy of a public figure and whether by the fact that such public figures were omnipresent in the modern digital age had any right to expect any privacy?

Reflected jezebel: Let’s not get used to this. No person, no matter how famous should have to go through something like this. This shouldn’t be an expectation of celebrity. These women shouldn’t have to fear for their own privacy. And of course no person should ever feel entitled to the privacy of these women.

Other commentators on the web would offer that the celebs had no business putting racy images on their wares in light of the fact that they ought to be aware as public figures they ought to be expect that every move they make (whether welcomed or not, or at their discretion or not) would come under the microscope and would be liable to corrupt behavior.

Offered one reader: I would say something along the lines of “Then don’t upload / take the risk of uploading these kinds of images to devices that USE these cloud based servers!” but I’ll be mobbed telling me how wrong I am. FIRE AWAY!

And another: If you want privacy- don’t use “The Cloud!” because as we have seen…THIS HAPPENS!

Others nevertheless would wonder why the leaked celebs themselves came to bear the brunt of the humiliation and victimization and why the hackers themselves have come to be congratulated or at the very least given a free pass?

Contemplated thedailybeast: These very famous women, all of whom do not stand to benefit in the slightest from their private photos leaking online, are welcoming the “exposure.” These new photos are yet another vile example of the rampant nerd-misogyny that’s prevalent among various pockets of the deep web. It’s an offshoot of the nascent days of the Internet, when nerds would wait minutes for their dial-up modems to process poorly Photoshopped (fake) pictures of their favorite actresses in the nude. Only now, these geeks have become far more resourceful, hacking into cell phones and Apple’s iCloud online storage system to expose the unattainable.

Irrespective of one’s view and where we as a society ought to draw the lines towards privacy (and the media is rampantly invasive in this area, whether it’s publishing stories on leaks, invasive paparazzi photos or spying on individuals and releasing their private thoughts or conversations) the celebgate hack raises important questions as to how much privacy any one individual ought to expect in the digital age and whether in fact despite the illusion otherwise, we are all in some way transparent for all to see whether private or public individuals?

Then there was this comment on the web that made me wonder as well:

You’re not necessarily “wrong” in the sense that anyone who stores any photo on the cloud is indeed at risk of possibly being hacked. We’re all always at risk, all the time, whether it’s uploading photos to the cloud or using a credit card or having any kind of online presence that includes personal information. Such is life in the digital age.

But you ARE an asshole for thinking that that’s the root of the problem, instead of, in this case, hackers committing sexually motivated crimes against women. So….neato for you I guess.

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