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Chantae Gilman, 240 pound Seattle woman rapes man whilst he slept

Chantee Gilman
Why did Chantee Gilman rape one man?

Chantae Gilman a 26 year old Seattle woman has been charged with second degree rape after breaking into a man’s apartment and forcing herself on him whilst he slept.

During the June 17th sexual assault the unidentified man told that his attacker woke him up at 2am and forced herself on top of his erect penis. From there the 240 pounds, 5’7 woman pinned his arms down over his head before proceeding to rape him.

The man would further qualify that he did not know his attacker personally, yet understood her to be an acquaintance of another man in the duplex apartment.

Police would later tell that the man would describe Chantae Gilman as a ‘drug user in the area.’

According to The Smoking Gun Chatae Gilman has prior felon convictions for attempted robbery and possession of a stolen vehicle.

According the the police report, on the night of the attack the victim had attended a birthday party for a neighbor known to Gilman.

Detective Roger Ishimitsu would tell that the ‘Victim slept very hard due to a long day,’ before discovering to his horror Gilman on top of him whilst he slept, sexually assaulting him, all the while pleading with her to stop.

Eventually the victim Ishimitsu would tell was ‘able to work his way out from underneath her.’

Once free the victim was then able to eject his attacker from the apartment before going to the Harborview Medical Center for a sexual assault examination.

During investigations, police would not be able to determine how the woman was able to get into the apartment.

Gilman denied knowing the man to police and said she did not remember being at his house or having sex with him.

Detective Ishimitsu’s report would reiterate that the woman told him that, ‘She said that she has a mental illness and suffers from Bipolar disorder and Psychosis.’

A sample of her DNA matched female DNA recovered from the sexual assault kit.

Chantae Gilman has since been charged with second-degree rape for assaulting a victim ‘incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse by reason of being physically helpless.’

According to recent Facebook posts, she said she was ‘2months sober and I’m 31 weeks pregnant.’

She is the mother of two other young children.

Detectives agreed it was unusual to have female charged with such a crime.

‘From a statistical standpoint, yes, it is atypical to have a female aggressor,’ Detective Drew Fowler, told KOMO, ‘but we work to hold all people responsible for their actions. The law is specifically written to be gender-equitable and we will charge anybody with a crime that they’ve committed.’

Chantee Gilman

Then there were this comment on the web that made me wonder:

This happened a year ago and they just got the DNA test results recently ? Shows how concerned they are .Had the genders been reversed, the rapist would have already been in jail.No on takes male rape as seriously as female rape. Most men don’t report it b/c they are embarrassed and they know that they will get laughed at by not only the public, but by the legal system too.On the flip side, there are laws for female rape that say a woman doesn’t even have to say “no” for sex to be a rape. She has to constantly say “yes” for it to be consensual. Do we have such laws for men ? 

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