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Carlo Dellaverson, NBC news producer taped himself having sex with girlfriend and posting it on adult site

Carlo Dellaverson
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Carlo Dellaverson an NBC news producer has been charged with disseminating unlawful surveillance and harassment after allegedly making a sex tape with his unsuspecting girlfriend and then posting the video on an adult site.

Court records told that the NBC news producer filmed himself and his girlfriend making love on Valentine’s day using a hidden camera in their shared NYC apartment.

After having filmed their sexual tryst, Carlo Dellaverson posted the clip on the porn website XTubea Netherlands-based adult site that claims 9 million registered users.

The 30-year-old’s deception was only discovered when his girlfriend found the sex tape on September 4 on his computer.

She promptly moved out of the apartment after ending their relationship.

The 29 year old woman, who is not identified, emailed Dellaverson to ask why he would have done this and he reportedly admitted that he had put the tape online.

Dellaverson, originally from Hastings-on-Hudson, is the son of a former top boss at the New York transit authority, Gary Dellaverson.

Until the recent gaffe, our collective hero had been a news editor for Rock Center with Brian Williams. It is not understood if the NBC news producer’s indiscretion may have necessarily led to the man no longer occupying that office.

Reiterated a NBC News spokesperson: ‘We are taking the matter very seriously, and will determine the appropriate course of action once we have learned the facts.’

Dellaverson’s lawyer, Charles Abercrombie, has since told that his client maintains his innocence and the report was ‘factually inaccurate,’ refusing to explain how.

Carlo Dellaverson
Because Carlo Dellaverson will always respect the rights of women…

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