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Becoming Belle Knox: I want to be on the cover of Vogue.

Becoming Belle Knox
The media’s fascination for Belle Knox takes a new turn…

Belle Knox is back in the news, this time as Conde Nast is set to tell her story , Becoming Belle Knox, a story the outlet tells it couldn’t decline examining given the public’s insatiable appetite with the adult actress who caused consternation when it was revealed earlier this year the Duke College ivy leave student was also performing in the adult industry.

Told Miriam Weeks (real name) via FOX: ‘I was approached by Conde Nast about doing a documentary about my life. I feel like with my story there are a lot of misunderstandings about who I am, and nuances about being a student and a sex worker,’

‘The documentary really humanizes me. I’m proof that porn stars can be real people.’

The series describes FOX is the portrayal of a sweet, insecure young woman grappling with her two identities – student and sex worker. Of course one wonders if there ought to be other considerations, the adult actresses’ grappling with the media’s incestuous attention and one reckons the feminist themes of whether Belle Knox is being exploited by the porn industry.

Instead of episodes, the video series is broken down into 5 chapters like ‘#pornstarproblems,’ and ‘How to Hustle in the Sex Industry.’ It’s a raw glimpse into a seedy, sex-saturated world showing everything from Knox getting tested for STDs to discussing how she towels off after sexual acts, to the struggle of attending school, where she says she is cyberbullied. 

Contemplates entertainment journalist David Caplan‘You don’t associate Conde Nast with porn, but they’re in the business of telling an interesting story,’

‘The appeal to Belle Knox to Conde Nast is she managed to be a relevant public figure, she has an interesting story which is important for a story-telling medium.’

Knox says the line between the adult entertainment industry and mainstream media is indeed blurring (and she is right) , as evidenced by sex tape star Kim Kardashian’s phenomenal success. And if Kardashian can make it onto the cover of Vogue, why not her?

‘I think that barriers are breaking down. It would be amazing (to be on the cover of Vogue)! I think some day we can get to that point.‘ she said. ‘Newer and newer opportunities are opening.’

What do you think kids? Is Belle Knox destined to appearing on the cover of Vogue as she continues riding the media train (or are they riding her?) to unheralded heights?

Becoming Belle Knox

Becoming Belle Knox

Becoming Belle Knox

Becoming Belle Knox

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