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Are Jennifer Lawrence nude pictures for sale? Fappening report under surveillance

 Jennifer Lawrence nude pictures
Are there photos for sale? Is another unleashing of images due?

The Fappening Report account says it has sets of naked pictures from the massive Jennifer Lawrence nude hack and is offering to sell them.

The account first popped up on Twitter, proclaiming that it had some new pictures following the first wave of leaks. It then posted several photos on 4chan, including several of actress Kaley Cuoco.

This in turn led to heightened interest on social media as to the legitimacy of the account before it would soon come to be suspended after amassing a sizable number of followers in a few short days.

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‘It’s happening again,’ said one Reddit user, via subreddit TheFappening  (prior to it being banned by reddit) infamous for its fawning of naked women and what many would consider it’s misogynistic attitude towards of women.

‘This is unbelievable progress,’ added another.

New Jennifer Lawrence naked photos
Screenshot as of 9.45 EST, Sept 6.

New Jennifer Lawrence naked photos

Told the Fappening report twitter handle in preceding days:

‘For those emailing us trying to purchase pics or videos. Please stop dat. We are not selling anything. Free the information,’

‘Whole set at 10k [followers]. We need more of a voice. I feel we aren’t being heard enough. Or maybe avril at 10? I can confirm Kaley has topless+thong,’ it later added. ‘We appreciate all the new unique content submitted today. If you have any unique content email us and we will ensure you get a lot in return.’

New Jennifer Lawrence naked photos

Despite the account having been taken down, theepochtimes reports that social media users have once again been interacting with the anonymous person(s) behind the since banned account.

A Reddit user purports to have sent an email to the Fappening Report’s hotmail account inquiring about pictures.

‘They want $250 for most sets,’ he said, noting that the account claims it has more pictures of Cuoco and Aubrey Plaza, as well as Avril Lavigne and McKayla Maroney.

‘Started a thread on [4chan] and it sounded like 3-5 other members may have bought sets or not. Anyone have any knowledge about this? He wants western union or moneygram. Leap of faith? Should we start a kickstart? FBI honeypot? Thoughts?’

Reddit and 4chan users have been debating for days about the account, with some positing that it’s an FBI sting operation while others believe it may be legitimate.

‘He asking for people to pay in the one of the most traceable ways possible. He’s either very stupid and doesn’t know what he is doing or it’s a trap,’ said one user.

‘If this was real, and I’m not saying it is, anyone from this sub who would buy anything from them should pledge to share with the rest. For the greater good,‘ another user posted.

‘Might just mean nobody has tried to buy any from him. Alternatively, they have, but wish to keep it secret. Perhaps, if they’ve paid, they don’t want to share, or they don’ want the FBI after them. Which is strange – this guys been fairly open, although anonymous,’ another user said. ‘It wouldn’t be too hard for the authorities to trace him. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some computer nerds on 4Chan who could track him down, if they out their mind to it.’

‘I’m not saying it is run by them either but this doesn’t help their argument that they aren’t. If I were to sell illegal things I’d, want a non traceable way of exchanging things. In real life that’s cash, on the internet that’s bitcoin or the likes. If they aren’t Feds(or Fed influenced actions) the only theory that makes sense to me is that they have no idea what they are doing and are only out for the trolls with no consciousness of the aftermath of their actions,’ added another.

‘Because if you’re smart enough to get the photos or rich enough to buy them from the celeb ring, you’re not going to be dumb enough to ask for an incriminating way of getting cash. It’s like asking a bank to write you a check for the money you’re stealing.’

Time will tell if a new wave will be unleashed as social media users trigger happy and eager and await in trepidation in the pursuit of America’s newest occupation: the outing and shaming of naked young celebrities, an occupation once held to the sole preserves of the paparazzi….

New Jennifer Lawrence naked photos

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