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Selena Gomez topless. Are the hacked photos real?

Selena Gomez topless
Selena Gomez topless- real or fake?

Making us all dizzy in tabloid land is the assertion that the latest Selena Gomez topless photos making the social media rounds might actually be real, which has since led to heated debate on the web as to the actual veracity of the photos and as of yet no comment from the actress/pop idol girl trying to become a woman in front of a flash bulb.

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Everyjoe explains: The most talked about rumor on social media right now is that Selena Gomez’s cell phone has been hacked. The result is a group of pictures that were leaked onto the internet. Those photos have men drooling all around the globe.

Drooling or not (I’m in the not category kids…alas) increasing speculation continues to build if the images could just nevertheless be Selena after all?

Selena Gomez topless

First on the scene of the purported Selena Gomez cellphone hacking scandal were hollywoodlife who had this to say:

Hollywoodlife.comThere are a lot of similarities between the topless girl and Selena herself. As pointed out in the set of photos from Tumblr user lakalel33, the topless girl has the same moles on her chest that Selena does! Of course, this could all be the work of some very clever (and mean-spirited) Photoshopper.

However, another important note — and something more difficult to Photoshop — is the shape of the topless girl’s lips. Like Selena, the girl has a very distinct, almost non-existent bow to her very full top lip.

She also appears to have the same rounded shape to her jaw that Selena does.

Could this topless girl and Selena really be one and the same?

Not biting that shit was gossipcop who set about lambasting hollywoodlife for running the story in the first place:

Earth to HollywoodLife (and everyone else): THAT’S NOT SELENA GOMEZ.

The photos are old — one online gallery including them was posted 11 months ago — and pretty much everything from the topless woman’s arms to her chin to her hair to her jawline to her breasts do NOT match Gomez’s own attributes.

Adds huffpoWhat’s more, a quick Google image search shows that the images, along with more racy snapshots, were uploaded to Imgur 10 months ago. Still, if you aren’t 100 percent satisfied with the rep’s answer it appears there has been quite a bit of discussion on Reddit in recent weeks as to the authenticity of the photos, if you are really passionate about the subject.

In the meantime there have be no denials on Selena Gomez’s Facebook page or anywhere on Twitter.

Are these topless photos of Selena Gomez real or just another wet dream of tabloid editors?

Selena Gomez topless

Selena Gomez topless

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