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Paolo Bediones sex scandal. PNP seek help from Facebook to reveal leaker’s identity

Paolo Bediones sex scandal
Could it get any worse? Netizens brace themselves for the potential of new video leaks…

Could it get any worse? The Philippine National Police(PNP)  have told that they are now seeking assistance from Facebook in identifying the perpetrators involved in the leaking of the Paolo Bediones sex scandal, a noted Philippine media icon and TV5 host and news anchor .

According to a report from the Inquirer, the Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG) of the PNP will coordinate with the administrators of Facebook to track those who uploaded the video.

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Offered PNP-ACG spokesperson Senior Insp. Joana Fabro: ‘Allegedly, the videos were first uploaded through Facebook. So we are in the process of formally requesting details from them.’

Farbo also told that the cyber crime unit will now formally ask Facebook administrators in the United States and Singapore about the accounts from which he videos were originally uploaded. They will also seek for the IP addresses used by the perpetrators.

‘We are going to get the IP addresses and take it from there. It’s a very long technical process of investigating and we ask for the patience of the parties concerned,’ he said.

Fabros would also tell that the latest video which has since sent social media into an uproar is the full version which came to be first released in short spades in July.

Bediones would later admit the video was first filmed  5 years ago for personal use onto his laptop only to be later disseminated after he took his laptop in for repairs some time later.

Chief Insp. Jay Guillermo, head of the ACG’s intelligence and investigation unit, said that although they had no physical evidence, they already had some leads as to the perpetrators identity. Asked to elaborate, Guillermo would demure. 

The latest fracas came to erupt when the TV host came to be the topic of netizens again late last week when the alleged second part of the sex video began to make the rounds. The video clocked in at 16 minutes – longer than the first.

TV 5 has previously released a statement that they will support Paolo over the issue, but interestingly have at present chosen to keep quiet on the matter as embarrassment continues to build over the matter.

Since the release of the longer video, social media users have wondered if the media outlet will necessarily stand by Paolo Bediones as the incident continues to drag on and possibly now incriminate his employer as many begin to question the wisdom of Bediones personal actions.

Rappler also reports that the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) also said that they will conduct a probe on the unauthorized upload of the video.

Bediones at present has declined to comment on the latest video leak as netizens wonder what other surprises might be in store…?

Paolo Bediones sex scandal
screen grab from second video

Paolo Bediones sex scandal

Paolo Bediones sex scandal

Paolo Bediones sex scandal

Paolo Bediones sex scandal

Paolo Bediones sex scandal
Paolo Bediones


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