Home Scandal and Gossip Oklahoma teacher charged with having hotel sex with 15 year old

Oklahoma teacher charged with having hotel sex with 15 year old

Oklahoma teacher charged with having hotel sex with 15 year old
Why did one middle school teacher pursue one of her 15 year old students?

Jennifer Sexton Caswell, an Oklahoma teacher faces a variety of sex crimes after following one of her students during his summer vacation 650 miles away, where she allegedly sexually engaged the 15 year old boy in a Mississippi hotel room.

Amid suspicions in the community that something inappropriate was going on between her and the student, the English teacher had quit her job at Hollis Middle School just two months before.

‘People seeing a teacher alone with a child may or may not be anything. It could just be innocent contact,’ Harmon County Assistant District Attorney Eric Yarborough told the Oklahoman.

Until the June arrest, those hunches were all authorities had to go on as the 15 year old boy was uncooperative.

‘The child said nothing’s going on, she’s just a nice teacher,’ said Yarborough.

That said, the unnamed boy would reveal that there had been several sexual encounters with his former English school teacher before they were caught together in a Best Western where they had had sex several times.

The boy told police they had sex in Sexton’s classroom for the first time just days before she resigned.

They also allegedly had sex in her SUV and in her home.

The boy even said they had sex in the home of Sexton’s pastor father.

A month before Sexton drove her SUV to Olive Branch, Mississippi and allegedly picked up the victim from a church, she won a divorce from her husband and took back her maiden name, Caswell. It is not necessarily understood to what degree the divorce may have affected the woman’s decision in pursuing the victim?

Pursuant to turning herself in the former teacher faces three counts of second-degree rape, two counts of enticing a child, a one forcible sodomy count.

Oklahoma teacher charged with having hotel sex with 15 year old

Oklahoma teacher charged with having hotel sex with 15 year old

Oklahoma teacher charged with having hotel sex with 15 year old

Oklahoma teacher charged with having hotel sex with 15 year old



  1. You do not even know what pedophilia is, you dolt, which pertains to sexual attraction to PREBUSCENT children.

    A sophmore or junior in high school is not a child. There have been kings and rulers at this age. One is allowed to drive a car for fuck’s sake. Why am I even arguing this with you.

    We agree on one thing. A line does have to be drawn somewhere. I simply submit the laws in this country are a little too far one way (just as laws making age of consent 13 are a little too far one way). Just because a line has to be drawn somewhere does not mean it should be drawn anywhere.

    I will concede it is up to debate whether Germany the age of consent should be in the range of 14-16, which is where it is in the rest of the Western European world

  2. I left my reply under the last comment you made and clearly referred to all of your earlier posts in my comment so don’t try to spin it by bringing up which comment I posted under, no they are underage in MANY countries because there has to be a cut off and in THIS country it’s 16-18 so deal with it and stop deflecting to European countries that cater to pedophiles which is another talking point you pedos love to use. There are a few countries with the age of consent even lower than that so by your logic we should drop our age limit to 13, we’re not doing it sicko so if you don’t like it then go live in those European countries where you can f*ck 14 year olds you pedo but in this country you will always be arrested ridiculed and beat up for your pervert ways. There you go whining about “puritanical” this “puritanical” that which like I said is what all of you pedophile apologists do to deflect from the fact that you’re arguing in favor of raping children, all you’re doing is exposing yourself as a disgusting piece of garbage.

    No it’s pretty moronic to pretend the morality on sex with underage kids is based on law alone and have the audacity to compare being against f*cking 14 year olds to being for slavery (when the act of raping/molesting kids is what’s actually more comparable to slavery), the fact that you don’t have natural morals on not doing anything sexual with a 14-16 year old like the rest of us just shows you are morally bankrupt and are trying to justify your sick urges by making these gigantic leaps in logic. I don’t give a f*ck what you mentioned I’m “raging” against a pedophile trying to rationalize sex with kids in a country where the LAW and society say it’s wrong so once again if you have a problem with that go to a country with your age preference you pervert and stop b*tching about the way WE do things, and that sissy @ss “puppy pup” line you keep using is corny it makes you sound like a f*ggot either you stupidly think that’s a good insult or that’s the disgusting pet name you call the boys you molest.

  3. But you responded to a different comment that is discussing criminal sanction against teacher student relations regardless of age. In any case, they are only underage in this country because our laws, written with a puritanical influence, say they are underage. The rest of the Western European world has an age of consent between 14-16.

    In any case, it is pretty moronic to make an appeal to morality through law alone. The law alone once allowed for the ownership of human slaves. And in this country, there was also Prohibition.

    DId I mention age of consent laws in the rest of the Western world How come you do not rage against those too, hmm, puppy pup?

  4. Actually dummy you made several other comments blatantly endorsing adult women having sex with underage boys, don’t try to deflect onto some other comment as if you were only arguing against teachers being put in jail for having sex with adult students (which is actually a law in some states, it’s literally a crime for teachers to have sex with a student no matter the age in Texas Arkansas Kansas and Alabama).

  5. Actually, puppy pup, the comment I am responding to seems to endorse criminalization of sexual relations between teacher and student regardless of age.

  6. He’s not an 18 year old senior he’s a 15 year old BOY not “young man”, stop creating straw man arguments desperately trying to defend this child sex predator all you’re doing is exposing yourself as a pervert who likes to have sex with kids (even using the whiny “puritan” buzzword which every pedophile supporter uses). And you can’t speak for every boy collectively because as you admitted there are plenty of boys that age who don’t have the stereotypical teenage boy reaction, and even some of the ones that did at the time later acknowledged they were wrong and the encounter caused lasting damage to them.

  7. Wow. Spread that stuff around in your garden and you’ll have some nice tomato plants. Psychology isn’t a science, and you aren’t talking to some guy that just fell off a turnip truck. You “understand” evolutionary psychology? That’s a bold claim for what is one of the most wishy washy forms of psychology there is.

  8. Wow. Spread that stuff around in your garden and you’ll have some nice tomato plants. Psychology isn’t a science, and you aren’t talking to some guy that just fell off a turnip truck.

  9. I am resigned to the hypersexualization. And while I cannot speak for each and every young man this age, I can speak for them collectively because I understand evolutionary psychology and the differences between male and female sexuality.

  10. You mystify me…. are you criticizing the hyper-sexualization or are you applauding it for males only?

    And stop ASS-UMING that you can speak for every 15 year old boy… and speaking as if parents have no rational reason to feel angry, victimized and disrespected either. If this BEE-OTCH did this to my family, I would commit myself to making the rest of her life a living hell. She has NO RIGHT to insert herself into a family or a person’s life in such an intimate and permanent way. Nor does she have the right to shirk her professional obligations and public trust in this way.

  11. And that is also ridiculous. Are condoning putting a teacher in jail for having relations with an 18 year old senior? What if relations are consummated after the academic relationship ends?
    The same power structure exists to a lesser extent between student and professor as well.
    The sanctions should simply be termination of employment, and that not always the case with older students when relations are initiated after the end of the academic relationship (ie student no longer has a class with teacher).

  12. It’s not the age which of concern.but the position of the teacher who is in a position of authority.

    Many states make a felony for a school teacheto be having sexual relations with a student no matter the age,

  13. First, a 15 year old young man is not a boy. Long past adolescence, and often sexually active. In Europe age of consent between 14-16 are quite common and for very good reason.
    Beyond that, the ramifications of this ARE quite different for a male than a female, even in this age of increasing hypersexualization of young women.
    For these reasons, the proper remedy should simply be termination of employment, absent a fact finding of some sort of coercion or that it was against the young person’s will.
    As a side note, I marvel at how twisted this messed up country is. On one hand, as the country that produced the likes of Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus, we indulge in the hypersexualization of teens and even preteens, and yet still carry on with our puritan heritage that obliges us to feign and shock and outrage that a 15-16 year old is sexually active, let alone that adolescent boys are hardly victimized by banging a hot teacher.

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