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Megan Mahoney, Catholic teacher had affairs with male students with school knowledge

Megan Mahoney
Did school authorities try to cover up a sexual tryst between one of their teachers and a student?

Megan Mahoney (above), 25 a gym teacher at Staten Island’s exclusive Moore Catholic High school has been arrested after allegations that she had been having a months long affair with a 16 year old member of the basketball team with the full knowledge of school authorities.

Megan Mahoney, Catholic gym teacher raped 16 year old 30 times.

The accusations come after the school’s athletic director, Richard Postiglione purportedly knew of the affair or failure to report any suspicions of sexual misconduct after first being told in 2006 that affairs between students and teachers were being carryied on.

Silive reports accusations of a relationship between Megan Mahoney and another student date back to 2012, and in 2006 or 2007, whilst another female coach under Postiglione was also accused of sleeping with a student.

Adding to the fissure are allegations that Postiglione, 57, who is married, also acted inappropriately. A complaint filed by Sabrina Panfilo, the former development director at Moore, says Postiglione touched her buttocks and insisted she sit on his lap and had gone so far as to demand the two carry out an affair whilst Megan Mahoney would look after her children.

Kids can someone hand me a hand towel?

Continuing on the very fast merry go round: According to the New York Post, Mahoney, who also acted as the assistant athletic director at the school, would pick up the 16-year-old boy in her car and drive him to secluded parts of Staten Island, where they would conduct their trysts.

‘We would just drive around and do it in the car,’ said the boy to the Post.

The teen, whose name is being withheld, added that at no point did the two ever discuss the illegal nature of their relationship.

‘We were never boyfriend-girlfriend,’ he said. ‘It was cool. I knew it wasn’t going anywhere. I told my best friend and like three kids.’

The teacher would be questioned by police after the teen’s ex-girlfriend followed them one day to a diner in January and phoned 911.

Megan Mahoney

Since the allegations have come to emerge, Megan Mahoney has denied having a sexual affair with the student.

However, the boy’s parents told that they saw their son and Mahoney together and assumed she was a student.

‘She looks young,’ said the father. ‘You’d never know.’

Told a source in relation’s to the school’s athletic director, Richard Postiglione’s purported involvement in the cover up: ‘Richie knew all about it.’

The source would tell that they were told about the affair by the teenager’s best friend and that he then told school principal, Bob Manisero.

Reiterated the source: ‘Bob told me Postiglione had investigated and there was no truth to it. He told me she came from an upstanding Catholic family. But there was notorious gossip all over the school. These boys didn’t keep quiet.’

According to the Post, the same source emailed Postiglione and the school board chairman, Anthony Ferreri in December and told then of their concerns about the alleged affair.

‘If you remember I had reported some activity some time ago about a basketball coach that I had learned,’ the December 19, 2013 email reads according to the Post. 

‘Rich thought it was untrue even though I knew it was correct…I was told they are in LOVE…Hope you have followed legal protocol to report even when there is no witness.’

The Post alleges that Postiglione, Manisero and Ferreri were all aware of the supposed affair, but did not inform child-protection authorities.

It is believed though, that Postiglione confronted Mahoney about the alleged affair and made her end it.

After the alleged affair was outed in January, the teen was subject to appalling treatment at school, his mother alleges.

‘They wanted to get rid of my son, get him out of the school,’ said the boy’s mom.

Moore Catholic High was founded by nuns in 1962 and charges $8,000 in annual tuition. A fee that some might come to reconsider going forward…