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Video of British tourist performing oral sex for free drinks on 24 men goes viral

British tourist performing oral sex for free drinks
The unsavory practice of scoring ‘free drinks’ in one Majorca resort town has drawn social media scrutiny

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Trending on social media is the video (see below, very NSFW) of a British female tourist performing oral sex on more than 20 men in a bar in Magaluf, a holiday resort town on the Spanish island of Majorca. To say it has caused great discontent would be an understatement.

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According to buzzfeed the video shows the young woman performing sex acts, in an act called ‘mamading’ (sex for drinks) as a DJ in the background cheered her on. It was reported by local websites that it was for a contest to win a 3 euro bottle of cava.

The video started going viral when Vice UK wrote about it in a now-deleted post titled “Competitive Dick Sucking Is Now A Thing In Magaluf.”

They linked to the uncut, barely censored video. When Vice started driving traffic to the video, the original site pulled it down.

Reaction on social media has been one of outrage as the tweets below show:

British tourist performing oral sex for free drinks

British tourist performing oral sex for free drinks

Since the intense reaction online from the video, local Mayor Manuel Onieva has ordered a police investigation. Onieva has since warned bars that ‘mamading’ is breaking the law and will hold vendors criminally culpable.

The video is believed to be related to ‘mamading‘ parties, named after the Spanish word mamada, which means oral sex.

According to comments posted on the original video, gawker tells mamading is not uncommon in Magaluf bars. One user posted, ‘The area continues to invent ways to attract more and more young and this year has introduced a new trend in the local bars.’

Magaluf is a popular vacation destination for teenagers from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavian countries. It’s been the subject of a lot of controversy in recent years for its out-of-control party culture. Controversy that it seems wont be dying out anytime soon…

And then there was this comment on the web that made me wonder:

Does this woman have some kind of trauma in her personal history that influenced her willingness to participate?

Did the patriarchy and the male gaze coerce her into doing this in a futile bid for respect and social acceptance?

Or is she just a person who makes really terrible decisions and doesn’t deserve respect?!

Or is this what passes now for a ‘good time’ in some bars in Majorca for the traveling tourist?

British tourist performing oral sex for free drinks

British tourist performing oral sex for free drinks

British tourist performing oral sex for free drinks
Magaluf- Majorca, where something ‘very special awaits female tourists…’

British tourist performing oral sex for free drinks

British tourist performing oral sex for free drinks


  1. You wouldn’t understand it’s a father-daughter thing, would you like your daughter gobbling a bar full of blokes? No, thought not!

  2. Yep, message received: men and women are treated different in our culture. Biology has much to do with it.

    Let’s talk about how men dying gets almost no coverage, but when a white women goes missing, we take apart the world looking for her.

  3. However did you learn how to type without learning how to read? Or did you not read my other post explaining that I am not a feminist? As for being a loon… do you even know what that word means? I’m not going to keep repeating myself. Just go read the other things I wrote. Or not. Whatever.

  4. I used to own a college bar back when I was in college, and worked in several. I know how it is to be on both sides of the bar. To want to have fun and not care what people think, just to let go have as much fun as you can. I also have to be the one to face the police, angry parents, pissed off church going lying people that did the exact same things when they were young and simply don’t remember how it was to be that age before the stick got implanted up their backsides.

    I have seen your parents doing this and much much worse they just don’t want to admit or talk about it. They reach a certain age and suddenly develop parental amnesia to everything that they did growing up. All the underage sex, drinking, drugs, things they did as kids. The lies they told to their parents to try to get out of it too by the way.

    Love reading all the comments here and other sites about this girl and how terrible she is. How she has set back women’s rights 2000 years or more LOL and how she should be ashamed of what she did. There is always a double standard when it comes to men/boys and women and sex. If you ask me this was not even sex it was at best indecent exposure.

    I would never of let something like this go on in one of my clubs but that is me, I am not hurting for business and don’t need the attention. If you want a classic example of the double standard look no further than the “Wet T-shirt” Contest. Every youth oriented club has them. The males in the club can’t keep their hand off from the women in the contest. They will often rip the shirts off the girls before the contest is even over with.

    So then you end up with crowds of horny men yelling “Skin 2 Win” and the drunk girls basically being stripped naked on stage to Win the cash prize. Where is the outrage at the men acting like animals, ripping the shirts off the women, pouring cold beer, water on your respectable young women? It’s easy to say respectable girls should or won’t enter a “Wet T-shirt” Contest but you’re wrong especially when the prize is $500 cash or more.

    Everyone getting upset about this are not ever upset about the girls getting groaped, felt up, or worse on stage. I once did a “Wet Boxer” contest I was talked into it by some of my staff. They wanted to get their boyfriends out on stage and give them a taste of what it feels like too be oogles at. Basicly the same exact same things happend. It quickly degraded into who had the best body and the biggest CCK. I shut things down before it went any further.

    I was amazed at the amount of flack that I caught from everywhere not only the police, County Attorneys offices, but the local Ministerial Society was up my backside. Over what was supposed to be a simple wet boxer contest to put the guys under the spotlight give them a taste of being the meat for women to leer at. Right there proof of the double standard everyone was fine with “Wet T-shirt” Contest I could of had one every day of the week if I would of wanted to blow that much cash.

    So are the bars in Spain going to now stop all the contest or just this one? Since they are all demining to someone, can be used to cause some sort of humiliation, suffering to someone? Or is it business as usual as long as they don’t rock the boat and draw too much attention to the double standards.

    This girl gets to live with what she did, has a story to tell her friends when she is old. She might decide to go into porn and use this as a reference or not, I don’t see punishing her or ruining her life over it. I have seen more people do more things that could ruin a life and careers than what this girl did. Its not as if anyone reading this has never done what she did or been on the receiving end of it. If not then you’re not leading a full life, and thats your personal issues and should be kept to yourself not inflicted on the others.

  5. Nobody is discussing the legalities of this event you fucking feminist loon. This girl has every right to suck 24 cocks, just as anyone has the right to give oral to 24 strangers. Equally, everyone has the right to cast a moral judgement on others, whether you like it or not. You represent the modern social illness of seeking freedom without responsibility. If a girl wants to suck 24 dicks, she has my blessings, but she should understand that this disqualifies her as serious relationship material and makes her essentially a tool for sexual gratification. Whether you like it or not, men’s evolutionary role is to spread their seed, and women’s role is as the gatekeepers to their bodies to pick the best genes. Lefties like you seem to deny this as part of your phobia for responsibility.

  6. Hallux, I guarantee you that if this was a man performing fellatio on 24 girls, you would no doubt be shouting from the highest tower in the world that the 24 women were the ones being forced into it and were taken advantage of, that the man was an absolute disgrace. You are evidently a feminist, a group of people that aim for, apparently, equality. Yet all I see is this type of post, to try and shame men. For once I would love to see feminists say, fair enough this is bad of a woman to do, instead of trying to blame the actions of a woman on “society, pressure, slut shaming, men” or whatever else you seem to blame the follies of women on. No doubt, the men have an element of blame to take and they are disgusting for allowing it, however you can clearly see the girl is instigating the act and is running around looking for penises to, ahem, suck. So please for once stop blaming the stupidity of this girl on everything but her. She’s an adult who can make her own decisions and no matter what the sex of the person doing this, it would have made the media in disgust.

  7. > Her parents must be so proud.

    I’m sure. Similarly, so must the parents of all those men whose c*cks found their way into her mouth, the mouth of a random stranger. Or was she somehow sucking men off all by herself, sans men?

    Last time I checked, Cheryl, it took TWO to tango. Or in this case, two DOZEN, plus her.

    Why was this headline NOT “Group of men exposes their privates in public for stunt”? Because if you actually watch the video, that’s what happened. She didn’t shove her head down into their shorts. Out came Srs. Felices, and sucking commenced.

    Also, this woman went around and briefly fellated them, but their public exposure of private parts… why is that not even worthy of mention? I suppose she could be shunned as a potential disease vector, since she has no way to know how many of those penii were oozing from warts, the clap, or herpegonasyphilaids, (because, why not?) but to pretend that this story is exclusively HER misbehavior… is shameful. It’s a shame our society looks down its nose at her, condemning, while not even mentioning them. Is it that we expect so much less from men? Why is there a double-standard here? Why are they ignored, or even considered heroes while she’s the SLUT? Is it not sluttish to place your genitals into some random stranger’s mouth?

    Imagine if this were a story about a black man who robbed a bank (with 6 co-conspirators, all white,) and the headline read, “Black man one of seven wanted in connection with bank robbery.” Pretty messed up, isn’t it? This is basically the same thing. Because she’s a woman, 25 people misbehaved, but only ONE is in hiding because of it. The others are probably bragging to their friends. Imagine how different it would have been if the tourist were a man? What would the headline have been then?

    By the way, very nearly every man condemning her is secretly asking what he could have done differently so that he could have ended up being one of those 24. Nearly every woman wishes she had the nerve to do something like that, because the truth is that we all love sex, and free drinks, even as we are prevented by social mores from admitting that we do. But if we really didn’t… would there be 8+ BILLION instances of proof that we love to do it walking the earth? Oh, and since people can only become pregnant for a few days out of the month, I’m pretty sure the sex has been had a few more than 8 billion times in the last 100 years. More like 8 billion times this month. Oh, wait–It’s July. So maybe only ONE billion so far. (I thought it was still June.)

  8. So glad she’s not one of my daughter’s, perhaps she’s hoping for a porn contract which she’ll probably get and like so many other useless tarts become famous for being just that, a useless tart! Follow that Jody Mush et al!

  9. For all that is in the world–the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life–is not of the Father but is of the world.

  10. Who else wants a gay std? I’ve seen more cocks than Kim Kardashian at a Summer Jam Concert..

  11. I think this girl would have probably learnt her discraceful lesson without it going viral. Sitting around the pool the next day once the booze had worn off would have been torture enough.

    I’ve been on a couple of pub crawls abroad and I think that it’s a complete lack of respect and exploitation from locals and reps on these resorts.

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