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Rosie Doherty: Glamor modeling saved me from depression but dad disapproves…

Rosie Doherty
How facing herself allowed one woman to face the world…

Rosie Doherty, 21 from  Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, the UK has told that glamor modeling has saved her from depression and has given her will for life back.

A sufferer of OCD and incestuously mocked at school, Rosie Doherty told how entering the foray of glamor modeling has curtailed her panic and anxiety attacks which used to make her life a misery.

So bad were state of affairs that the model admits at one stage admits thats her neurosis would lead to her inability to even attend classes.

But that according to the model changed after she took modeling for lads’ mags, which along with Rosie shedding her clothes also came to lead to her shedding her inhibitions.

Ironically told the model, one of the strongest sources of teasing was her lack of a chest – with other girls bullying her for her slow development.

Told Rosie Doherty via the UK’s dailymail: ‘When I was 12, everyone else had boobs but me – girls used to laugh and call me ‘AA’.

‘It’s ironic really considering how things turned out.

‘I suffered badly with depression – OCD, panic attacks and all sorts of things.

‘I didn’t enjoy school at all – I had no self-confidence and didn’t want to see other people – in the end I just told my mum I wasn’t going.’

Rosie Doherty

Despite not turning up very often, Rosie still did well in her GCSEs, but it wasn’t until she turned 18 that her confidence began to return.

Following her ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ motto, she took herself down to a promotional photo shoot.

Armed with the pictures Doherty built up her portfolio and started sending them to the lads’ mags, before soon finding herself garnering attention from the industry.

Reiterated the glamor model: ‘People say all these things about glamour modelling, but for me, it totally turned my life around.

‘A lot of that is to do with a feminist petition saying they were against it for objectifying, almost dehumanizing, women.

‘But for me it was absolutely the opposite. It was about female power, and taking a stand, and saying “this is me, this is who I am, this is my body”.

‘Seeing myself in those magazines had a massive impact on my confidence – I finally felt like me again.’

Rosie Doherty

However, her path into the industry hasn’t always been smooth, especially for her relationship with her father.

Told the model: ‘When I first started he wasn’t happy because I’m his little girl.

‘But I spoke to him and said, “I’m a woman now, this is my choice, there’s nothing wrong with what I’m doing, and I want to be open and honest with my family”.

‘Once we had that conversation he was happy with my decision.’

She’s quick to point out that she doesn’t do modelling for an ego trip and shies away from flashing her flesh on social media.

Rosie says it’s all about her transformation and her independence.

Reiterates Doherty: ‘I’ve got imperfections, scars and cellulite, just like any other woman, and I’m still putting myself out there.

‘I’m not scared of people’s opinions or judgments – for me it’s about independence, taking charge of your own life, and just being comfortable in your own skin.

‘You’re always going to be judged, from the first moment you step out of the house until you return.

‘If you’re happy and you feel good about the choices you make, then what else matters?’

Since coming out the web remains divided as to whether Rosie’s new foray will ensure her lasting happiness…which one wonders hints at the discord of attitudes towards women’s desire to attain self affirmation.

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Rosie Doherty

Rosie Doherty