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Pictures: Emily Gaythwaite is the girl at the center of the mamading scandal

Emily Gaythwaite
Emily Gaythwaite has been identified as the 18 year old Irish girl at the center of the Magaluf sex video scandal

It seems the 18 year old Irish girl involved in the mamading scandal, aka the Magaluf sex video has at last been outed as Emily Gaythwaite, a born again Christian.

Emily Gaythwaite naked. Magaluf sex video girl pictures emerge. 

Magaluf sex video slut shaming of women by the media. 

Magaluf sex video girl, Emily Gaythwaite goes into hiding 

Carnage Magalluf blames mamading girl. She’s a slut 

Magaluf sex video Irish girl identified. Conned she’d win holiday 

NSFW: Magaluf sex video leads to slut shaming. 

Video of British tourist performing oral sex for free drinks on 24 men goes viral 

According to liveleaks the girl’s identity came to be attained after sleuths on internet stealth site 4chan (since removed) came to discover the girl’s identity on Facebook, and furthermore passing that information to her father.

Told one user on one UK forum4chan found her on Facebook and have been dishing out the abuse. The video was sent too both her dad and brother. Yeah, not going to be pleasant in that house for a while. 

Since the outing of the girl, 18 year old holiday goer, Emily Gaythwaite a mobile phone sales rep from the county of Co Armagh, Northern Ireland.social media users on twitter have been irate as to why the media has chosen to further publicize the young woman’s story, in essence propagating the innuendo that she is a ‘slut’ who is deserving of shame.

Others have also questioned if the media has dared to out the girl why then in fact the 24 men who came to be involved in the magaluf sex video have not also been named.

Contemplated one user: Erin @televisionmouth  23h

If Magaluf girl wanted to perform those acts, then it’s her business. Focus on the vermin who filmed and uploaded it, & those who named her.

Whilst another legitimately asked: Penny Dreadful @caitjt  24h

They’ve named the magaluf girl. Can we name the 24 boys now please, try and ruin their lives too?

Sam Buchanan Mackay@MACKAYAUSTIN  Jul 4

If that girl is named and shamed from the Magaluf video then so should every one of the little boys with their little tadpoles out!!!

Since the girl’s public outing, her twitter account has come to be closed, meanwhile a public facebook page with a mere 81 likes has been created.

At present it is believed that the girl humiliated since the incident has now gone into hiding.

Emily Gaythwaite

Emily Gaythwaite

Below image found here

Emily Gaythwaite

Emily Gaythwaite

Emily Gaythwaite



  1. This is disgusting. That whore should be killed. Anyone who chooses to defend her is a white knight faggot cuck, or a feminist piece of garbage. Kill yourself Emily. I really hope you do.

  2. top fucking lel she points to guys with their pants unzipped INSTRUCTING them to pull their dicks out – bbbbbut it’s RAPE!!!

  3. Now the rape accusations. She is a slut and should be shamed. Its good its on the net for any future hubbies or bf’s to find. Maybe she will act more appropriately in the future.

  4. intoxicated is a bit of a stretch. watch the video again and count how many times she leans over. intoxicated people cant do that without losing balance. she was drunk maybe. but not that drunk that she didnt know what she was doing.
    also she had the free will to walk out of there and go to any of the other scum bars or go home or do whatever the fuck she wanted so enough of this “no different to rape” bs

  5. “No different to rape”, huh… I wouldn’t say so, I would think most reasonable people agree with me.

  6. Again, men and women are different. This is why the reaction is RIGHTLY different towards the men. Sticking my penis in a strange woman’s mouth is not advisable, but it not the same thing as taking 24 penises in one’s man. It just is not. It is the difference between externalization and internalization, male and female.

  7. Emily shouldnt even worry about it – if you watch the video pushing an 18 year old to do that in that environment whilst intoxicated and keep pushing her to carry on is no different to rape. I hope she gets over it fast. Sure, its easy to judge someone who sucks 24 guys off in under 3 minutes but the truth doesnt seem so clear cut.

  8. There is a sense of irony in writing for a national newspaper about how the media has given little thought to the ways in which telling a particular story may serve to further disenfranchise the individual about whom it is written. But the idea that something so heinous (posting photos and videos online of a person engaging in a sex act without that person’s consent) can be transformed into something even more heinous (pinning those same photos to the cover of a national newspaper) clearly requires comment.


  9. Love how this site tries to stand up for her and says how awful it is she’s getting such a bad press with her name exposed by the media, yet then shows a load of close up pictures and a video of her.

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