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Pictures: Alix Tichelman, high end escort lethally injects married Google exec with heroin

Alix Tichelman
How a one high end escort got herself embroiled in the dark side of a Google executive’s ulterior lifestyle…

Alix Tichelman a 26 year old high end escort has been arrested in relation to the death of married Google executive Forrest Hayes, 51 last November.

Heroin escort, Alix Tichelman may have killed another client.

The arrest comes after a 9 month investigation in which authorities told the prostitute injected the father of five with a vial of heroin whilst on board his luxury yacht.

Reacting adversely to the drug, instead of calling 911 the woman is said to have collected her belongings, finished her wine, drawn the blinds down, leaving the captain of the boat to find Hayes’ body the next day.

Cops would tell Alix Tichelman would meet her clients through a website called Seeking Arrangement, and had prior to Hayes’ meeting exchanged texts and emails with the Google executive, having also met the executive a few times before the deadly November 26 encounter.

On the day of Hayes’ death the pair had met on Haye’s 50-foot yacht, Escape, at the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor with Tichelman brought heroin. Of contention is whether Hayes’ had asked Alix Tichelman to bring heroin to and whether he was a user of heroin.

Told Santa Cruz Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark via the santacruzsentinel : ‘Surveillance video from inside the luxury boat shows Hayes suffering medical complications’ and losing consciousness but Tichelman makes no attempt to help him or call 911,’

‘She showed no regard for him. She was just trying to cover her tracks.’

Adding: ‘This was all set up through text messages and emails. We also know what she did in the aftermath of this. We have her computer records, we know the Google searches that she made, the things she did to try to get herself out of this.’

Alix Tichelman

Alix Tichelman
The interesting outside of bed time activities of Forrest Hayes

Cops would come to identify Alix Tichelman from surveillance video along with finding her fingerprints on the wine glass.

From there cops tracked down the woman to her home in Folsom, where she lives with her parents, able to lure her back to Santa Cruz County by posing as a client who said he wanted to pay her $1,000 for sex. She agreed to meet at a luxury hotel on Fourth of July and was arrested.

She was booked into jail on suspicion of second-degree murder, concealing evidence and transportation of narcotics on Friday and remains there on a $1.5 million bond.

When asked if the overdose was accidental or intentional, Clark said evidence showed a level of guilt that reached second-degree murder rather than involuntary manslaughter.

Adding heft to the charges detectives have also told they are now investigating Tichelman for a similar death in another state.

Tichelman’s Facebook profile shows she went to high school in Atlanta before majoring in journalism at Georgia State University and attending beauty school. She lists her occupation as a makeup artist.

She called herself a ‘model’ in jail records.

Alix Tichelman

On social media, she poses in lingerie and pouts with red lips for the camera, and posts suggest she had a boyfriend as recently as a couple of months ago.

In an interview with fiXE fETISH magazine, she said she loved modeling because she got to play a character.

‘I have always been attracted to the darker side,’ she said. ‘My parents said by the time I was three I was an “intense child” and already liked horror movies.’

She added that she loved fetishism and would often wear a leash when she went out with her nightclub owner boyfriend.

She also posted pictures under another Facebook profile, AK Kennedy, and talks about heroin and her love of the TV show about a serial killer, ‘Dexter’.

In January 2013, Tichelman posted on Facebook that ‘life is great, a great boyfriend, nice house, monkeys, loving family … doesn’t get any better than this i don’t think.’

Seeking Arrangement, the website through which Tichelman and Hayes met, is described as being a site for connecting ‘sugar babies’ with ‘sugar daddies and mommas’ – but the company maintains it is not promoting prostitution.

Hayes’ co-workers and friends described him as intelligent, a family man with a great sense of humor with a penchant for impulse buys.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 12.58.45 PM

Alix Tichelman

Alix Tichelman

And then there were these comments on the web that made me wonder:

Our drug laws killed this man. If she called 911 she would be arrested for two crimes. She had no choice, our laws forced her decision. We all know heroin kills, this guy got what he paid for. Let the woman go!

This is not murder, it’s a rich man wanting drugs and s%x and his demand and money led to this sad person to provide both for him. Is she rich and powerful? No.

This was a married man putting his family at risk of HIV and other diseases creating a demand for heroin in SC.


“Forrest will be remembered above all as a loving husband and father.”

Really? I think at this point he will be remembered above else as the douchebag who hired prostitutes and did heroin on his yacht in the harbor.

Seriously what an awesome husband and father!!!

A shame but he was playing on the dark side and lost by its rules, call 911 and she goes to prison. Perhaps we should have a law that allows amnesty for drug suppliers who call 911 to save an overdosing customer, much like we allow mothers to abandon their newborns at hospitals and fire stations. But unless she intentionally overdosed him or did not render what aid she alone could it makes little sense to put most of the moral blame on the young sociopath prostitute he hired who accidentally gave him more heroin than he requested.

Alix Tichelman

Alix Tichelman

Alix Tichelman

Alix Tichelman

Alix Tichelman

Alix Tichelman

Alix Tichelman

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    If you are a google exec with a yacht, a wife, and 5 kids, and you are letting your high priced hooker inject you with anything, then you have already forfeited any right to life surrounding that action. Your assets should probably pay for her defense too, loss of pay for lost work, and counseling for being a seriously damaged psychopath.

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    she should get an effing medal and a bonus from google for reducing the evil slimebags in the world. This turd was an exec at a company whose slogan is “don’t be evil” Id like to give her a Nobel peace prize… If it meant anything… The only people worse than this are the slimebags running Goldman Sachs… I nominate her for person of the year!

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    What a sick, crazy arsehole you are…. you narcissistic faux-champion of the people. Good thing that as powerless loser, you are unlikely to cause too much trouble. Try not to get arrested…again.

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    If you’d give your SO some then men wouldn’t have to rely on high priced call girls to take care of their needs.

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    The run-on sentences and poor punctuation are killing me faster than a heroin overdose.

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    I’m keen to see how this plays out in court. I’ll put on my tinfoil hat and state that after this, I know the feds are gonna have their eyes next on http://bit.ly/1gDYU64

    I just don’t know how a google exec with that much cash ALLOWS himself to be injected with heroin. It makes no sense at all.

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    She’s hot.

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    Where did the article, or any news source, indicate she was enamored with either of these figures?

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    I know! I dated a woman something like this 15 years ago. Barely survived it. Slept with one eye open! This reminds me of basic instinct.

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    Wow this is going to be a great story when it’s done. This one will make a great movie. Budding serial killer. Her boyfriend died of some kind of OD too. Wonder how many dudes she did this to?

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    LOL her tattoo – “Kiss or Kill”

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    OMG she’s hideous …. what in the world was that guy thinking. If you’re filthy rich at least find a good looking prostitute.

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    So sad this man’s mistake cost him his life and left a family devastated, not just because of his death, but knowing what he was up to, I stumbled into Tichelman’s story with tons of photos and the possible victim of the similar death she could be involved