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Miranda Kerr posts topless selfie. Orlando Bloom, who’s that again?

Miranda topless selfie
Increasing speculation mounts as to Miranda Kerr’s dating life after Ibiza fracas…

In a sign that Miranda Kerr won’t be side saddled by her former husband’s antics, the Aussie supermodel has this afternoon chosen to post a topless selfie on instagram. The posting came after the model immediately preceding the topless selfie posted a picture of her and 3 year old son, Flynn, whose father, Orlando Bloom has since found himself becoming a hero of sorts after standing up to ‘les enfant terrible‘, Justin Bieber.

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The posting and almost absent disregard to react specifically against last night’s Ibiza fracas comes as speculation has once again mounted whether Kerr did indeed get cozy with Justin Bieber, as the singer has suggested or whether in fact any extracurricular dating that may have come to take place whilst she was married to Orlando Bloom. Extra curricular dating that some have come to wonder may have indeed paved the way for the former couple going their own way.

Hinting at the discord that may have existed in the marriage between Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom was Biebs mean taunting after Bloom attempted to lay a punch on his taunter when Biebs callously told: ‘Say hi to Miranda for me!’

The indiscretion comes after the model has taken great pains to hide the fact that she is now dating Aussie billionaire James Packer, presumably wishing to retain her privacy as well as maintain a squeaky clean image after Victoria’s Secret came to dump the model last year.

Of question is whether Miranda Kerr had taken to dating the billionaire whilst she was still married to Bloom and despite the public show of good faith the former couple manage to affect, some bitter deep wounds still reside. Something that Justin Bieber must have been all too clear of as he too has to negotiate his own injured ego after his ex, Selena Gomez was rumored to have been dating his nemesis, Orlando Bloom….

Miranda topless selfie


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