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Michael Suh and Nicole Germack arrested for having sex on Chipolte roof

Michael Suh
Also preferred hawt bixches…

Life isn’t fair. A sentiment that both Michael Suh, 39 and his weekend hot date, Nicole Germack, 27 may have come to openly agree on when cops rudely intruded on the couple having sex on the rooftop of a Delaware Chipolte building.

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At the time of the ‘incident,’ officers who had been called in by distressed passerbys to remind the couple that motels still existed told how upon warning the couple to stop they instead continued for a further 20 seconds before running off to Suh’s apartment.

Nevertheless it wouldn’t be too much longer that Saturday evening when cops would find the pair at Michael Suh’s apartment where the pair were led to central booking.

Yes life is very unfair.One ought to be able to be the virile primate that they innately know that they are, curtains or bed sheets astray. Fortunately for the universe Michael Suh managed to retain his despite the threat of imminent arrest.

For their troubles Michael Suh and his date would come to be charged with resisting arrest, lewdnes, indecent exposure and loitering.

At present it is not understood if the attending police officers interfered in Michael Suh’s ability to at least manifest a myriad of back to back copulations…

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