Home Scandal and Gossip Magaluf sex video Irish girl identified. Conned she’d win holiday

Magaluf sex video Irish girl identified. Conned she’d win holiday

Magaluf sex video Irish girl identified
Does this young woman deserved to be called a slut?

Was she conned? The individual involved in the center of the  Magaluf sex video (see below, very NSFWhas this morning been identified as an 18 year old holiday goer from the county of Co Armagh, Northern Ireland.

Emily Gaythwaite naked. Magaluf sex video girl pictures emerge. 

Magaluf sex video slut shaming of women by the media. 

Magaluf sex video girl, Emily Gaythwaite goes into hiding 

Pictures: Emily Gaythwaite is the girl at the center of the mamading scandal 

Party company Carnage Magalluf blames mamading girl. She’s a slut 

NSFW: Magaluf sex video leads to slut shaming. 

Video of British tourist performing oral sex for free drinks on 24 men goes viral 

The girl, whose identity has been tightly sealed reportedly works as a mobile phone sales rep, is believed to have flown to Spain for seven-night holiday with a friend last month. 

At the time of the incident which saw her taking her part in a process called ‘mamading the 18 year old believed she had been promised a holiday if she would take part in a ‘game’ involving performing oral sex to a group of young men who at the time had gathered at the venue.

However, instead of winning a holiday, the girl would later come to find out she had actually only won a ‘Holiday’ cocktail made up of gin and vodka, said to be worth less than 5 euros ($7 USD).

Speaking to the UK’s Sun, a witnesses who observed the incident, said: ‘It was a game that got completely out of hand.

‘The girl was being encouraged to drink more and more and was told she would win a ‘holiday’ if she took part in this game.

‘Unfortunately the ‘holiday’ turned out to be the name of a cocktail.’

 ‘I feel sorry for her now. She must feel awful.’

Of question is who instigated the affair and whether the girl was coerced?

Magaluf sex video Irish girl identified

At present it appears the young woman acted on her own volition and was more likely acting out given the fact that she was at a destination notorious for the facilitation of ‘over the top’ behavior. Nevertheless serious questions have been raised as to whether bar owners egged the girl and present males on, and who actually inspired the idea of the ‘game‘ in the first place?

Disturbing revelations via the  UK’s Mirror tell party goers filmed had earlier in the evening being plied with unlimited free alcohol for more than four hours before the video was shot.

The scene is said to have taken place at Alex’s Bar in the resort town of Magaluf, Majorca, Spain a popular destination for British and Scandinavian holiday goers seeking unbridled hedonism.

The two-and-a-half minutes of footage was reportedly filmed during a 12-hour bender hosted by Carnage Magaluf.

During filming the girl can be heard being egged on by party revelers as she scurries in a catatonic drunken haze from one man to another, each being performed fellatio, seemingly without the notion that she was being coerced.

Nevertheless there has been concern as to why so many men participated in the taking advantage of the clearly inebriated woman who in all likelihood may have thought twice about pursuing such an act had she in fact been sober. That said it is the young woman not the revelers who has come to be met with scorn and derision, with many on social media choosing to disregard the culpability of the 24 men who chose to participate in the ‘humiliation’ of the young woman.

Since the incident, Calvia Mayor Manuel Onieva told Mallorca Diario he absolutely rejects the ‘disturbing incident,’ and said police were now investigating ‘in order to eradicate similar situations in our leisure zones.’

That said it was not clear whether Onieva would aspire to hold bar owners and management criminally liable for what now appears the facilitation of dubious practices….

Magaluf sex video Irish girl identified

Magaluf sex video Irish girl identified

Magaluf sex video Irish girl identified

Magaluf sex video Irish girl identified
Magaluf- Majorca,


Magaluf sex video girl identified
Alex’s Bar, Magaluf, Majorca- where the incident took place

Magaluf sex video Irish girl identified

Magaluf sex video Irish girl identified



  1. Leave the poor girl alone. Everyone is attacking her, but all those lads got their penises out. A load of adults had a bit of fun (if she wasn’t coerced, which is basically rape). Not a big deal.

  2. 1. The girl isn’t Irish – She has a UK passport. Northern Irish is not technically British but it is part of the UK – it just sounds strange to say United “Kingdomish”.

    2. The girl is from a Born again Christian family – definitely not Catholic.

    Why assume she is catholic? Her parents were probably protestant originally as her surname certainly isn’t Irish it’s an English name,

  3. I.m pretty sure I.ve read she.s a born again Christian (bible thumper) so ain.t a follower of the Catholic version of the sky fairie theory. She would be classed as british coming from that community in the UK.
    Hope that clears up things for ya.

  4. The bar owner should face charges for facilitating this behavior in a public place. As a person, woman and mother I am disgusted by this.

  5. Absolutely disgusting. Something is obviously wrong with this girl..to do what she did. Its not only gross but she risked her health performing oral sex on multiple strange men. the fact that multiple men were fumbling to pull out their penises so a intoxicated strange woman could put it in her mouth…hello hpv, herpies etc is beyond disturbing and disgusting. she was not a person to them. I hope they all get tested for stds. Sick. These nasty men also should be seen in a harsh light.

  6. You think all Irish women are like this? LOL you fool. Maybe one of those horrible pervy men spiked her drink eh?

  7. and that’s how roman catholic irish girls technically stay virgins till married…by only doing oral.

  8. well, it was in a foreign country, and she probably got there by jet…so that counts for something.

  9. 18 year old roman catholic girl, away from mommy and daddy, gets her inner nymphomaniac on—-ooooo yeah!

    “but I was drunk!” she’ll also say years from now….when she does it again, with her husband’s friends, while he’s at work.

  10. This is going to live with her for the remaining of her life. I know a girl who did the same,and she still carries the shame 20 years later. She’s settled down now and has kids, but people in the area still refer to her as Lynda Blow.

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