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#Jadapose rape trend reveals new victims

#Jadapose rape trend
The degradation of women continues. What other victims are also been derided?

It seems that there might be more than just one individual being derided on trending social media hashtag #jadapose as revelations show other girls who have been sexually abused have come to suffer the same fate as 16 year old Texas girl Jada.

#IamJada, cyberbullied rape victim fights back against her taunters 

#Jadapose. 16 year old girl’s videoed rape goes viral. Alleged rapist gloats 

via jezebel: Now, it Jada’s mother and a family spokesperson are claiming that Jada’s far from the only girl victimized by the people who allegedly drugged and raped her. And one other girl may soon be coming forward.

The revelation comes via an exclusive interview with NBC’s Ronan Farrow and Jada’s mother, Sukieda and family spokesperson Quanell X.

Tells Quanell X: Now, we come to find out, as of yesterday, in doing further investigation into this case, it’s not just Jada. There are other young girls who they’ve been posting pictures online having sex with these young girls also who are comatose and obviously unconscious. And so the police now are putting out a call to identify who are all these young girls who these videos and pictures by these alleged perpetrators are out there online and they’re having sex with these girls who are obviously unconscious.

Adds Quannell X via chron: ‘What took place here is a criminal act,’

‘I want to see law enforcement treat this case with the type of sensitivity and priority that it deserves.’

At present the Houston Police Department continues to investigate the case of Jada’s as well as that of other purported young women who have had their rape televised and since found themselves being vilified on social media.

And then there was this reflection via cosmopolitan that made me wonder:

The root problem is the fact that men of all ages feel an overwhelming sense of entitlement to women’s bodies, and that sense of entitlement seeps into nearly every aspect of our culture. You don’t fix that in a day. But in a world where communication is increasingly online and privacy protections fewer and fewer, the ramifications of that entitlement spread farther, faster — for better and for worse. We have a heightened awareness of these kinds of assaults not because more of them are happening — sexual assault rates have actually decreased over the past decade — but because new technologies allow them to be recorded and disseminated. That’s disturbing in its own way: It means more people are voluntarily participating in an assault, even if they aren’t physically touching the victim.

#Jadapose rape trend
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Everybody who participated in pictures, videos, vines making fun of that girl is going straight to hell. Congratulations assholes.

So people think it’s funny to copy a pose by a girl who was raped, wtf is happening to this world x

I disagree w taking mocking photos down. Expose them more! Make sure their work & family know they did this!

RT is a new low – the result of misogynistic idiots feeling empowered cos they can hide …

#Jadapose rape trend

#Jadapose rape trend


  1. Sad truth is, Rape Culture is really just the new word for Black Culture.


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