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Fetishes: Stuffers who gain weight to satisfy sexual urge to be fat.

Why stuffers insist on packing the pounds… Crystal before and after…

While most of us aspire to be as thin as possible, one category of people, called ‘stuffers‘ purposefully put on hundreds of pounds to satisfy a sexual urge to be fat.

In a provocative post via vocative the media outlet documents the ‘burgeoning counterculture’ trend to pack on pounds cause it’s literally what gets them off. Sexually.

Tells one stuffer, Crystal in a blog post cataloging her weight-gain journey: ‘I’ve wanted to be fat since I was a little girl,’

‘It wasn’t until earlier this year that I had the ability to do so. So I did. And here I am.’

In Crystal’s case stuffing the pounds involves eating as much as possible around the clock, from slamming through a dozen glazed donuts during a single sitting to dousing herself with quarts of heavy cream.

Thankfully she notes: ‘And I drink anywhere from a quart to multiple quarts a day of heavy cream. Luckily, I am able to handle it.’

Weighing at 275 pounds the petite 5’4 brunette who started out her quest once weighing at 157 pounds can be said to be fulfilling her sexual kick.

With a myriad of sites to help Crystal chugging along, Crystal and many like her are never alone as they set about satisfying their sexual urge to be fat.

Crystal’s ‘pleasing’ transformation

Noted forums include: Stuffer 31, Fantasy Feeders, subreddits (/r/stuffers, /r/wgbeforeafter), Youtube Channels; Ms. Stuff ‘n Puff, Weight Gain Collection and Tumblrs; Gut Growers, Tasty Female Bellies

Notes vocative: The phenomenon seems to have something to do with phagomania, the compulsive desire to eat, but according to Dr. Terese Katz, a psychologist who specializes in eating disorders, there isn’t much of a clinical precedent. “In my 26 years of working with people with eating disorders, I’ve never seen anything like this,” she says. “Extra fat can serve as a buffer for emotions you don’t want to feel, but I have never met a person who consciously gains wait or identifies positively with that.”

Whilst the temptation may be to treat the desire to overeat to abandon as a psychogical disfunction many who choose to stuff themselves are motivated by the notion that the fatter they are the more sexually appealing they are the same way many men and women who choose to intently diet or those men and women who choose to work out for countless hours cause they believe their body metamorphosis will make them sexually appealing to others.

And what of the dangers of over eating?

Tells one stuffer, Jenny who began stuffing upon hitting puberty: ‘We KNOW we are putting our health at stake,’

‘We aren’t idiots. Gainers like myself go to the doctor like anyone else. I gain weight not by inhaling Twinkies, but by eating larger portions of the same foods anyone else eats. We have a sexual urge to be fat, but we also have the common sense to listen to a doctor.’


From there we find out courtesy of Dr. Gloria Brame, the author of Sex for Grownups and a sexologist who specializes in fetishes, that for many of us there is a correlation between eating and sex given society’s erotic relationship to food.

Opines Brame: ‘Many of us do risky things with our bodies, and nobody complains about it unless it involves sex,’

‘A lot of people feel they are at their most beautiful when they are fat. They like being Rubenesque, and it turns them on, too.’

Reiterates Jenny: ‘People look at this fetish and think we’re crazy or intentionally destroying our health. It really couldn’t be further from the truth,’

‘We are no less sane than any other fetish group.’

Stuffers it seems are also very aware of those who take pleasure in their burgeoning balloon figure and the sexual kick it gives them knowing that there is a segment of the population that is turned on by vast figures.

Contemplates one stuffer by the name of  Christina Paez via the UK’s dailymail, a mother-of-three who runs a pay-per-view website where men can pay to access clips of her in situations such as sitting topless in a paddling pool being fed through a funnel, or punching a punching bag in her garden:

‘Gaining weight is exciting.

‘I’m willing to step out and say: yeah I’m fat, I’m beautiful, I’m sexy – and what?’

But it seems the fetish isn’t contained to the knowledge that others are looking on as one gets fat but by the stuffer’s own participation in their rapid weight gain and the joy and thrill they feel when they can no longer see their own feet, grow out of clothes and no longer fit in coach seats. In essence it’s the capitulation of self that sexually satisfies stuffers, as the new self comes to represent a kind of body image and being that stuffers can readily take pleasure and pride in whilst feeling incredibly turned on in the process….and devoid of notions of feelings of repression. Even if it’s obvious to most of us on the outside that most stuffers are on a fast way highway to self capitulation and an almost certain death.




  1. “Weighing at 275 pounds the petite 5’4 brunette who started out her quest once weighing at 157 pounds can be said to be fulfilling her sexual kick.”

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