Home Scandal and Gossip Emily Gaythwaite naked. Magaluf sex video girl pictures emerge.

Emily Gaythwaite naked. Magaluf sex video girl pictures emerge.

Emily Gaythwaite naked
Why has one young woman been vilified for choosing to ‘explore’ her sexuality?

It seems as if Emily Gaythwaite, a born again Christian may have been living a life beyond Christian terms as new naked images of Emily Gaythwaite have emerged.

##2015 NSFW: New Magaluf sex video shows 2 Brits having sex on street

Magaluf sex video slut shaming of women by the media. 

Magaluf sex video girl,Emily Gaythwaite goes into hiding. 

Pictures: Emily Gaythwaite is the girl at the center of the mamading scandal 

Carnage Magalluf blames mamading girl. She’s a slut 

Magaluf sex video Irish girl identified. Conned she’d win holiday 

NSFW: Magaluf sex video leads to slut shaming. 

Video of British tourist performing oral sex for free drinks on 24 men goes viral 

Since being revealed as the individual at the center of the Magaul sex video scandal, the 18 year old mobile phone sales rep has found herself going in hiding whilst the media and particularly social media have taken to discrediting the young woman, with many believing that she is a ‘slut’ as a result of choosing to perform oral sex (mamading) on a total of 24 men at a local Alex’s Bar at Magaluf, Majorca bar.

Nevertheless there have been questions as if the girl has been unfairly singled out whilst the men who also came to be involved have been spared media scrutiny, which probably says more about society’s dim view of women and the back clapping applause of men who choose to behave in such ways.

The release of the video (nsfw) has caused consternation amongst locals and tour operators who believe it is unfair to point the finger at them as they are only facilitating a service and venue that many young Brits and Scandinavians purposefully choose to take advantage of far from the watchful eyes of their everyday community.

That said it remains to be seen whether the girl at the center of the Magaluf sex video scandal will continue to bear the brunt of indiscretions which it seems are pervasive and ongoing.

Told a close friend of the girl’s over the weekend  via the Irish Daily Mirror:

‘She has been a victim, a target of evil, of wickedness and she has most definitely been led astray  in a vulnerable moment. 

‘While others may see what she is said to have done as an act of depravity, we see it as something quite different.

‘She went into the world and it got the better of her. We need protection in this world and somehow she dropped her Godly protection for a moment – but that’s all it takes.’

‘It may be a positive thing that this story has got out because now the situation can be addressed and she can regain her strength and dignity.

‘The family is very strong and very much at one with The Lord.

‘While others may see what she is said to have done as an act of depravity, we see it as something quite different.

Adding: ‘God will see them through this,’

Emily Gaythwaite naked

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Emily Gaythwaite naked

Emily Gaythwaite naked

Emily Gaythwaite naked

Emily Gaythwaite naked

Emily Gaythwaite naked

Emily Gaythwaite naked

Emily Gaythwaite naked

Emily Gaythwaite naked

Emily Gaythwaite naked

Emily Gaythwaite naked

Emily Gaythwaite naked


  1. Well said, Emir. Any girl who chooses to live a life of lust with no regard for self respect deserves to get slut shamed.

  2. Quit trying to defend a whore, you fat fuck white knight. This bitch is no different than the rats you see scurrying on the streets. The very notion that you’re defending this piece of trash proves you’re a retarded shit-feast. Kill yourself.

  3. This kind of thing happens all the time in Magaluf. When girls feel comfortable being sluts they will try and out slut each other.

  4. She’s beautiful, she didn’t hurt anyone, and what about all the men? Why aren’t they being slated? This was a bit of fun – but if she was tricked, that’s sickening.

  5. Did you miss the fact that there 20+ men involved? Or just give them a free pass like so many other sexist pigs?

  6. What culture of mental midgets is it that you are speaking for?

    No piece of garbage waste of oxygen such as yourself, who calls a place with the top topic being about how awful it must be to have black or Jewish DNA (I have both, OMG!) “highbrow”, has any right to speak about any culture – you’ve got not, you pleb.

    When you no longer need to rape women to smell their hair, you lemme know and I’ll hear what you’ve got to say.

    Until then, neanderthal, get fucked.

  7. She’s a person but she’s also a woman. In my culture at least, this is not appropriate behaviour for a woman and she’s socially punished for it accordingly.

    If you Brits/Irish/Whatever like your wives to have fucked a whole football team before marriage, then by all means, but don’t take your narrow ‘Western’ cultural view and share it with the rest of the world that rejects it like a stolen credit card.

  8. Who said anything about a virgin? o.O My wife would be surprised.

    This woman is not cheap or trashy. She wasn’t for public consumption.

    You are turning her into something she’s not because she doesn’t meet some standard of your’s. She doesn’t need to meet your standards. She’s a person, not property.

    Your obsession with virginity and the legal behavior of other adults, especially women, suggests you’ve got serious issues.

    Stop beating women, bro. It’s not okay.

  9. Not every man wants the women of their society to become cheap trashy whores for public consumption, Earnest.

    If anything, your comment really reveals who the virgin is.

  10. She’s beautiful. So what if she enjoyed putting 24 wieners in her mouth. She didn’t hurt any one. No one has any right to attack her. You live your own life. Let her live hers.

  11. I don’t get the furor. Chick has fun, gets a little freaky. Buncha virgins and spoilsports cry about it.

  12. She almost looks normal in some of those pictures. Borderline attractive even. Shame she is so unbelievably cheap.

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