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Elissa Alvarez, Florida couple arrested after grandma films them having sex on beach

Elissa Alvarez
The dizzy ongoings of one Florida couple ….

Elissa Alvarez, 20 and her boyfriend, Jose ‘Ben’ Caballero, 39 have been arrested after the Florida couple came to be filmed having sex on the beach.

The waitress and her fitness instructor boyfriend would be taken into police custody on charges of felony lewd and lascivious exhibition (work it bixches) on Cortez Beach, Sunday.

Pictures: Elissa Alvarez, Florida couple arrested having sex on Florida beach face 15 years

According to a probable cause affidavit, outraged beach goer and grandmother, Emily Hall called cops to tell that the Florida couple were lying on a beach towel next to her and fondling.

Kids, I am going to have to pause for a moment to firmly draw the scene in my mind.

A lifetime of regret, coconut based sun tan oil seeping through the air, and the aroma of saliva swapping from mouth to mouth….


Hall would tell that the the couple eventually went from inappropriate touching to all-out sexual intercourse, which lasted about 25 minutes, The Smoking Gun reported.

Emily Hall told investigators she was upset by the X-rated display because her 4-year-old daughter was next to her and saw everything.

The couple’s display of very ardent affection came to be captured on a cell phone camera by a bystander, which was later obtained by MyFox Tampa Bay.

Elissa Alvarez
Jose ‘Ben’ Caballero

Screenshots from the video show the 5-foot-5, 150-pound Elissa Alvarez perched on top of her lover on a sun-drenched beach.

In all, Bradenton police would receive seven complaints about the couple.

For their troubles, Alvarez and Caballero would be booked into a local jail and later released on $7,500 bond. With both due back in court August 8.

According to Elissa Alvarez’ Facebook profile, she is a constant presence on the beaches of Bradenton.

Her photo albums are filled with images of her frolicking in the sand, including with her young son.

‘I already miss the beach!!!! Ready to wear my new bathing suite [sic] too!!!!!’ her status update from July 16 proclaims.

Those present on Cortez Beach Sunday reported  that after bringing their pubic lovemaking session to a conclusion, the couple took a dip in the ocean and then returned to the beach for a catnap, which lasted for hours.

Kids this is where we need to digress for another moment:

Careless summer evenings, aroma of bitters infused rum and the allure of hazy beach nymphetes providing endless backrubs…


Elissa Alvarez

When Alvarez and Caballero woke up, they allegedly picked up where they left off, prompting one furious parent to confront the two.

According to the woman who recorded the incident, the 39-year-old personal trainer became aggressive and seemed spoiling for a fight, but then police officers arrived and restrained him.

The bystander’s video shows the moment the 5-foot-7 bodybuilder dressed in a skimpy bathing suit was handcuffed by officers.

‘I’ve lived here since 1978 and I go to the beaches and I’ve never seen anything like this,’ the woman who made the incriminating video told MyFox.

It would later be learned that for Caballero, Sunday’s arrest was not his first run-in with the law.

The fitness trainer is a convicted felon who had served nearly eight years on cocaine trafficking charges.

Elissa Alvarez

Elissa Alvarez

Elissa Alvarez



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