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Cerise Davey naked: I went to Magaluf for 25 orgasms a day.

Cerise Davey
Cerise Davey is certainly non plussed when it comes to exploring her sexual nature…

Whilst some may shun the misbehavior that takes place on the resort party island of Magaluf, Majorca, others such as the UK’s Cerise Davey, 25 a self confessed bisexual has a prisoner no holds attitude when it comes to exploring her sexual liberties.

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Cerise Davey
Cerise Davey to the left with her girlfriend

Upon hearing about the Magaluf sex video scandal, the self admitted bi sexual decided she too had to get over to the party island herself.

Tells Cerise Davey via the UK’s dailystar: ‘I’m constantly horny and always thinking about sex.’

Cerise said she aimed to achieve up to 25 orgasms a day and thought about sex 25 or 30 times a day on top of that.

Cerise, from Oldham, Lancs, travelled to Magaluf with girlfriend Beth Gillan, 20, from Margate, Kent.

And she has taken advantage of their open relationship by bedding two men in her first two days.

She added: ‘Because my sex drive is so high my needs are a lot harder to fulfil.

‘The two I’ve met so far did the job, but I’m still horny and need more sex. If I don’t get enough, I get really moody.

‘I try not to be a slag. I always use condoms and have never had an STI.’

Isn’t it time you experimented with your sexual nature as well…? Magaluf where all your tawdry fantasies await…

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Cerise Davey

Cerise Davey

Cerise Davey

Cerise Davey

Cerise Davey

Cerise Davey

Cerise Davey



  1. For the same reason that men must be judged on their potential as husbands and fathers. Just imagine if every woman did as she did. Civilization would crumble. It already is. Dont’ believe me? Just look into the scarcely uttered truths about single motherhood. A good starting point is a blog called the fatherless generation.

  2. Why should she stereotypically be measured on her fitness to be a wife or mother? She is an autonomous human being who can choose her own role in life. Perhaps she just wants to be a person who enjoys those things that bring comfort and pleasure to her. If a guy was doing this most people would cheer him. Sad world we live in.

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