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University of Texas School of Nursing takes down sign demanding women not dress slutty


University of Texas School of Nursing

University of Texas at Austin’s School of Nursing it seems has done a quick about take after taking down a sign banning short skirts, low-rise pants and low-cut shirts revealing cleavage

The sign made it’s way up on bulletin boards at the UT Austin campus Tuesday evening, but were taken down by mid-to-late morning Wednesday, according to University Communications Director J.B. Bird .

The sign read ‘Revealing clothing MUST NOT be worn while in the School of Nursing Building. It distracts from the learning environment.’

Whilst not mentioning females directly, the signs only came to mention women’s clothing.

That of course led to feminist blog, jezebel going up in arms, which interestingly would lead to the school a short time later taking down their sign.

Contemplated jezebelOf course it’s more comfortable to wear shorter skirts and shorts. If the men in your school or department take issue with that because they can’t handle perfectly normal and natural parts of a woman’s body, take it up with them, not the female students on your campus. Perhaps instead of wasting your time posting these shitty signs everywhere, you need to offer them some education on how women are not responsible for their reactions.

And then there were these following thoughtful comments by a readers on the web too: Women being held responsible for the actions of men is one of the more sinister forms of inequality still left virtually un-frisked in our country today. What is easiest on men cannot be the arbiter of how women receive rights, privileges, or codes.


Our university should not condone the objectification of women in the classroom environment. The fact that we even acknowledge certain clothing as “distracting” is indicative of a systemic societal problem that should alarm everyone. Our society over-sexualizes women to the point where wearing weather appropriate clothing is an issue. It’s summer in Texas. It’s hot.


I’m sure the problems with dress code are 90% female if not more, which explains the “sexist” tone. Most male students aren’t likely to be dressing in a way that may be determined offensive or provocative by others, and if they are they’ll get a sign next. If people weren’t pushing the envelope of modest attire, this wouldn’t need to be addressed. I’m sure if they posted pics of some of the clothes students show up in, there would be a lot of rude comments about them. Since they are there to study nursing, just require them to all wear scrubs. Most of them will have to wear them at work all the time anyway. .. 

By mid afternoon Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Gayle Timmerman issued a statement Wednesday afternoon, saying ‘The wording of the signs made it sound as though we were worried about women’s clothing as a distraction in the learning environment. This is not the case,’

‘We’re not in the business of measuring skirt lengths,‘ Timmerman offered. ‘We are in the business of educating a new generation of nurses.’

Bird would add the associate deans at the school were surprised to see them, and that it is by no means a representation of the school’s policy. It was something put up by a part-time employee who, Bird theorized, had good intentions but ultimately struck a nerve.

Because who doesn’t appreciate an academic institution reminding us that it’s women’s fault that men act crazy and shit at the sight of some cleavage and bare skin?

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University of Texas School of Nursing
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