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Have you tried rosebudding yet? The new dangerous trend in anal sex

How a violent sex act has become de rigueur in some quarters…

It seems a new trend in pornography and anal sex has entered the cultural lexicon: rosebudding. And although the term may seem pleasant and resplendid of floral sensation, according to one porn star, Sheena Shaw it has more to do with the primal and visceral and of course literally having ones insides flipped out of their rear end during the act of anal sex.

Anal sex. How it suddenly became the grim reaper that women are now forced to exact at the mercy of leery men

Anal Sex; Why women are now doing it more often?

Tells the 29 year porn actress via vice: It smells like blood. And it tastes like raw flesh. It’s not something you’ve ever been exposed to. But it strikes a chord somewhere deep inside.”

Adds vice in indelible language that might send a shiver up your spine (and probably deep up your backside, literally): The sexual act that Shaw specializes in is, in fact, caused by an anal prolapse—a medical condition in which the inner walls of your rectum collapse and slip out of your butthole, the bright red internal tissue blooming out of your anus like a desert rose.

What though separates this explicit sex act from other fetishes is how rosebudding is making its way from the marginal, sado masochistic to that of the mainstream.

Reiterates vice: What used to be taboo is now a staple, and the public is taking notice. On a thread titled “Increased Visibility of Anal Prolapse: Reasons?” from September 2013 on the online forum Adult DVD Talk, a user commented: “Anal prolapsing: at one time it was reserved… for girls who had performed one too many double anal scenes (Ava Devine, Amy Brooke: we’re looking at you). Now, we’re seeing much more of it on screen, even from performers who are fairly new to the industry.”

But in the event you may think rosebudding is just a vile passing fascination amongst a hardcore set, think again, some have come to reason that rosebudding has always been there except for the fact ‘anal performers just hid their prolapses off camera in the past and that they are now only showing it on screen because it has become acceptable and there is a growing market for it.’

From there we come to learn about the assortment of adult entertainment outlets, like Evil Angel for instance who have come to introduce the sex act in ‘top quality extreme anal films with a cache of high profile performing stars,’ ensuring to some degree that the sex act is normalized and perpetuated by you the game viewer.

Which leads to the interesting question how did an intrusive sex act come to become a staple within some quarters of the porn industry? In short- the internet.

In a bid to differentiate themselves from the ‘free pedestrian anal films’, porn companies have set about offering you the viewer holier than thou experiences that will make you want to take your wallet out and viscerally react, seeing that some of you have already seen it all before.

Similarly rosebudding also offers a handful of porn actors a way to differentiate themselves and command a certain niche and book constant work.

And how does rosebudding actually work? Here’s where I would advice caution to the reader with virgin ears:

 It requires repeated and prolonged scenes of taking massive objects up your ass until your rectal walls are so loose, you can just push them out of your anus. Sheena describes the feeling as similar to having a baby—only a few girls can just “plop it right out.” Most have to start preparing for the anal feat the night before, sleeping with butt plugs in to stretch out their assholes. They also train themselves to have powerful abdominal control, relaxing their sphincters and pelvic-floor muscles while simultaneously contracting their abdominal muscles. “I wish it hurt still, but it doesn’t,” she laughs.

The measure we are told comes with certain risks, including incontinence, bleeding, leakage, and infection are common side effects which may require rectal surgery, warnings it seems that few porn actresses are necessarily willing to adhere to. But then again that might come with the territory of being an abject sex object that the porn industry resoundedly reminds us women ‘naturally are’ (sarcasm).

And should a porn star be met with strife it seems she is pretty much on her own as few safety nets exist as the porn industry simply discards the actress and moves on to the next willing participant in search of a porno gig. The same way you the leery male may choose to discard a female, which is not to suggest there may be some women who are game for such experiences but one wonders to what degree such explicit and physically threatening type of sex is really at the behest of a woman and that of men trying to find new clever ways to subordinate women and get their rocks off ….?

And then there was this consideration via the dailydot which made me wonder:

But it’s unclear to me if the Internet has made our sexual predilections more violent or aggressive, or if the Internet is simply enslaved to our own sexual predilections, which were already, somewhere deep down, violent and aggressive to begin with. Are extreme porn producers who shoot rosebud scenes to be blamed for disregarding the welfare of their performers and making sex seem like something that has to hurt to be good, or are they simply catering to a deep and dark need within us to see these women get hurt in this specific way in the first place?

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