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Stephanie Amato accused of having sex ten times with 14 year old student

Stephanie Amato
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Stephanie Amato  a special education teacher from Philadelphia has been accused of having sex up to ten times with a 14 year old male student.

The 30 year old woman, a teacher at Ethan Allen School would come to hand herself in last night to a Special Victims unit who have since charged the teacher with offenses including deviant sexual intercourse, statutory sexual assault and corruption of a minor.

According to the District Attorney’s office, Amato had been engaged in a sexual relationship with the boy during March and April of this year.

The  encounters purportedly took place in her car and at her home. The two were allegedly sending explicit text messages with Stephanie Amato instructing the 14 year old boy not to tell.

Tasha Jamerson, spokeswoman for District Attorney Seth Williams, called the sex ‘consensual,” according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

That said, when the boy’s father discovered the relationship, he pulled his son from the school.

Stephanie Amato

Told the father via WPVI: ‘I was very upset. She took my kid’s youth and I really want justice to take care of this woman,’ 

 ‘He’s not doing too well, he doesn’t want to go to school. He feels humiliated, since that happened he changed.’

The allegations against Amato first came to be made in April told Philadelphia School District spokesman Fernando Gallard.

School officials then notified city and school police, with Amato being removed her from the classroom pending an investigation.

Amato, who has been a teacher for six years, was also barred from having contact with her students.

On Tuesday she posted several photos on Facebook of her posing with some of her students. One picture is captioned ‘My fav students!!’

In another photo – captioned ‘Fun with these kids!’ – Amato is sitting in a car surrounded by four young men.

An unnamed source would also tell how Stephanie Amato would often spend time out of school with groups of her students.

Stephanie Amato

Parents were only informed of Amato’s arrest through a letter sent home this week.

Principal Cassandra Houston has since told that the district is ‘working closely with the Philadelphia Police Department’s Special Victims Unit to ensure that a thorough investigation is conducted.’

Amato was released early on Thursday after posting 10 percent of bail set at $125,000.

She is currently suspended with pay, but after an administrative hearing next week she could lose her pay amongst other things…

Stephanie Amato



  1. I was actually being sarcastic.Its one thing for a boy or girl to (fantasize) about their hot teacher.But in reality It can cause some lifelong issues about sex,relationships,EVERYTHING!IINCLUDING BOYS! dont have a son but I would want him to have the same naive innocent first time with a similar aged girl.Ur only a kid once and to have it taken by an adult is just wrong.The gender thing irritates me also,and wether the teacher is HOT or NOT in sentencing…crazy world

  2. I really do not understand why some males seem to like the misbehaviour of these educators. For God’s sake Teachers should protect minors from delinquency.

    It is a deceit that everyone should be allowed to have sex… Initially the idea of having sex with a teacher may seem sexy, but in reality it is a very serious abuse, whatever the sex is.

    We should stop stereotyping genders. An abuse is an abuse and it’s consequences will remain in the victims through life.

  3. They should rake her over the coals for being a coal burning, race traiting whore. Otherwise, I can hardly imagine relations with a 14 year old adolescent “victimizing.”

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