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Michael Schneider gets 4 years after cooking severed head of gay lover who died in sex game gone wrong

Michael Schneider gets 4 years after cooking severed head
The court case that cast intrigue in Germany. Was the right sentence given?

German courts have cast intrigue after Michael Schneider, 45 came to be sentenced to less than 4 years jail after he took to cooking the severed head of gay lover, Carsten Schmidt after a sex game went horribly wrong.

The incident came to occur after Michael Schneider, a German salesman ‘sawed, hacked and sliced up’ Carsten Schmidt, a 37 year old bank clerk who had suffocated to death in a sex game gone wrong – before leaving his head ‘bobbing in a stewpot’. 

Police would tell that upon coming Michael Schneider’s Berlin apartment they came across Carsten Schmidt’s severed head cooking on the stove in what they would later describe as a ‘horror show’. 

After the sex game went wrong, Schneider for unexplained reasons took to sawing his lover’s body, with the lover’s  remains found strewn around his home, wrapped in baking foil and paper.

A police official, who said the men knew one another, said: ‘It was a horror show. The body parts had been sawed, hacked and sliced.

‘He put them all over the apartment as if saving them up for a rainy day.

‘But only the head was cooked, bobbing in a stewpot on top of the cooker.’

During the hearing at the Berlin Regional Court, the court heard how the victim had invited Schneider to his apartment in Marienfelde, south Berlin, for sex in January 2012.

The defense would claim that Schmidt asked the defendant to tie him to the bed and cover his mouth and nose with tape.

The victim then died of suffocation, the court was told. It was then that Schneider cut up Schmidt’s corpse.

Schmidt, who was openly gay, was due to go on to a party that evening with his friend. When he did not show up, the friend alerted police.

When it became clear Schneider was a suspect, the defendant slashed his wrists with a knife, but was saved by paramedics.

Prosecutors had argued that the defendant should have been sentenced to six years and nine months for manslaughter.

But the defense called for their client to be found guilty of bodily harm resulting in death rather than manslaughter.

They successfully argued that the victim had wanted to die and that the accused was used simply as ‘a tool in that process’. 

In the court judgement it reportedly said: He is responsible for the death but he didn’t want to kill his sexual partner.’

Cannibalism as a sexual fantasy which purportedly has some following in Germany.  It first hit the headlines in 2001 when Armin Meiwes killed, butchered and ate a computer technician called Bernd Brandes at his remote farmhouse home in Rotenburg near Kassel.

At his trial, several men who harbored fantasies of eating human flesh testified that there was a large network of like-minded individuals who connected through cyberspace in a bid to satisfy their fantasies.

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And then there was this comment on the web that made me wonder:

The accused isn’t getting 4 years for a murder charge; the charge stems from the inappropriate handling of the victim’s body. Yes, he should have alerted police to his partner’s death and most definitely should not have chopped him up and eaten him, but it doesn’t really seem fair to hold him responsible for the victim’s death when it was the victim himself who knowingly and willingly engaged in erotic asphyxiation in the pursuit of a more “extreme” orgasm. The accused didn’t force the victim to cover his nose and mouth, he didn’t intend for his partner to die, and he didn’t force the victim to do anything he didn’t want to do. His behavior after the victim’s death was abhorrent, of course, and there is no excuse for the butchering and mutilating of his body; he should have called police and allowed his family and friends to mourn him. He posthumously robbed him of his dignity and it is for that he should be vilified and prosecuted.

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