Home Scandal and Gossip David Cameron’s nanny naked pictures stirs controversy.

David Cameron’s nanny naked pictures stirs controversy.

David Cameron's nanny naked
David Cameron’s nanny naked. Innocent play or revenge porn?

The appearance of UK Prime minister David Cameron‘s nanny naked images has stirred controversy over whether the images released on various adult websites were intended as a measure to embarrass the UK prime minister as well as possibly blackmail the unnamed nanny.

In fact one charity according to the UK’s independent has decried the move which shows the nanny in various ‘sexual poses’ as a form of revenge porn

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Reflects the independent: It has raised concerns of a “worst-case scenario” whereby the nanny, who has accompanied the family on foreign holidays and is said to be close to Mr Cameron’s wife, Samantha, could have been blackmailed over the images.

Rather than risk being found out and possibly implicated, the unnamed nanny who admits to having posed for the pictures via a former boyfriend years ago chose instead to let the Camerons know about the images, at the same time purportedly expressing her outrage and reticence over the incident.

Told the nanny via the UK’s sun: ‘She’s horrified these profiles have come to light and is mystified at how they got there. She insists it was nothing to do with her and must be down to one of her ex-boyfriends.

‘It is worrying that someone would go to such lengths. She realises that the worst scenario could have been if someone had used the stuff posted on there to try to blackmail her.’

Added the source: ‘She enjoys working with them, particularly the children, who she’s great with,’

‘She gets on really well with Samantha. She says she is lovely, down to earth and a good laugh.’

David Cameron's nanny naked

Told Laura Higgins, helpline manager at the UK Safer Internet Centre: ‘I’m not saying that there was necessarily a risk to [David Cameron’s] children, but obviously this person is potentially going to use the fact that she is in job she’s in for their own gain.

‘We regularly see extortion involved – and in this case it is clearly taking it a little higher – but really this can happen to anybody.’

Higgins reiterates her organization, a partnership of three leading online safety charities, had seen the issue of revenge porn ‘blow up really quickly’ and that reported cases were likely ‘just the tip of the iceberg.’

Meanwhile many users on social media have been supportive of the nanny whilst others have suggested she is a harlot and a whore.

The latest snafus comes off the back of another public relations crises for Kate Middleton who once again was photographed bottomless, causing great embarrassment for the Royal family and a furious debate over the media’s right to have published such images. A debate that may extend to the David Cameron’s naked nanny pictures…

In the interim David Cameron has ordered new curbs on internet porn.

David Cameron's nanny naked

David Cameron's nanny naked