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Why did Mandy Boardman’s husband, David Wise get no prison time for drug raping her?

Mandy Boardman
Did the court make the right decision?

Mandy Boardman‘s husband, David Wise has been spared having to serve jail time after a three year criminal case against the 52 year old man found him guilty of raping his former wife. Instead Wise will only have to spend 8 years of home detention.

Mandy Boardman for her part would retort that the sentence was a ‘sucker punch to the gut.’

Added the Indianapolis, Indiana woman: “During the reading of the sentence, the judge looked at me before he gave the final decision,’

‘I was told that I needed to forgive my attacker and move on. I received zero justice on Friday.’

During sentencing Marion Superior Court Judge Kurt Eisgruber imposed a 20-year sentence, with 12 years suspended and eight years of home detention. He declined to comment on the case Monday because Wise plans to appeal.

During the trial, Mandy Boardman testified that Wise had been drugging her since 2005, saying she once woke up with a pill dissolving in her mouth. There were several times, she said, when she woke up feeling like her body had been ‘messed with.‘ In fall 2008, she found three sex videos of her on Wise’s cellphone. She said she had no memory of the sex or the videos being taken.

She reported the incidents to police in May 2011. She said she didn’t come forward sooner because she didn’t want her children to grow up without a father.

Since the sentencing, questions have been asked as to whether the sentence itself was too lenient and in some way perhaps betrayed disregard for the wife’s rights. Some commentators have even remarked it’s little wonder that the judge didn’t make the husband’s actions the fault of the woman, which underscores the angst and resentment from feminists.

Told Mandy Boardman: I don’t feel that the man who raped me repeatedly for years on end deserves to leave the courtroom when I do,’

‘I don’t feel like he deserves to sit at home and watch TV and eat ice cream like I can. He deserves to spend many years in prison.’

Criminal justice experts have told  judges consider several factors in determining sentences, including a defendant’s criminal history, employment and likelihood of committing another crime.

While Wise has no prior felony convictions, he has been convicted on misdemeanors of battery, public indecency and operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Whilst Wise may be homebound and forced to subject himself to GPS monitoring from which he will only be allowed to go to work and back home, the man’s former wife of 12 years has told the sentencing is not enough and still fears for her safety, urging that her former husband be imposed jail time.

The wife would also add that she still fears for her safety and believes Wise will contact her and will continue to fight for visitation with their son and daughter.



  1. Are you dense? He confessed that he drugged her, he wrote that she confronted him about it. He has videos of it….

  2. What I find wierd, is she claims she fears for her safety now, because he’s not in jail, yet uses a bs excuse that she didn’t report it to police till 3 years after the fact, because ” she didn’t want her kids to grow up without a dad”. So it’s ok they grow up without a dad now because there a few years older? Or if he’s such a monster, why would she want her kids around them while they grow up? Sorry, theres more to this than what this self proscribed victim is telling..

  3. THIS is part of the problem. Why is it that men always seem to think that crying rape is the go-to? I have NEVER met a single woman (myself included) who would put themselves through what a rape victim goes through to report the rape, the medical tests, the humiliation, the shame, etc. that they do to get justice if it weren’t true. Seriously, you have zero respect for women if you think that would be ANYONE’s response.

    Honestly, if you are just looking to get revenge on someone, there are a LOT easier ways to do it.

  4. Hypothetical:
    [before divorce] Not tonight dear… Oh, okay fine… I’ll take an ambien and you can have your fun while I get some sleep.
    [after divorce] He drugged me and raped me!
    Just say’n it’s entirely possible.

  5. This was a divorce case, not a rape case. What is the proof, beyond her accusation, that she was drugged without her knowledge? Did she have a toxicology test? And even if drugs were in her system, how do we know she didn’t willingly take them? It wouldn’t be the first time a man’s wife decided to sleep thru sex. If she wanted to press charges for rape, she should have done so the moment she found evidence of it. Instead, she waits until its already a nasty divorce where all parties have vested interests (children and custody) and thus a strong motive to lie. Honestly, with only the information offered in this article, I’m surprised they convicted him of wrongdoing. I can only assume the phone videos were rather damning. I also have to assume she didn’t have entirely clean hands in all of this. The judge would seem to be indicating that. It was just a bad marriage and she needs to move on.

  6. And you drew this conclusion based on what? She’s an ex now because he raped her you idiot. Entitled? And yes, she is entitled to a fair and just sentence against the man who raped her. There was a video tape, there was an email and verbal confession. I feel sad for the women in your life.

  7. That would be an EX-wife right??? White trash at best and i quote…….

    ‘I don’t feel like he deserves to sit at home and watch TV and eat ice cream like I can. He deserves to spend many years in prison.’

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