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Why did Carol Coronado murder her three babies? Found naked with knife


Authorities are grappling to come to terms with why Carol Coronado, 30 a Californian mother did the unthinkable and murdered her three infant children yesterday evening. At the time of the grizzly murders, the woman’s husband and mother who had been visiting were home.

Carol Coronado neighbor: ‘She loved the children more than anything.’ 

Carol Coronado’s husband, Rodolfo: ‘She’s a demon possessed.’ 

Upon arriving at the family home near Torrance in Los Angeles County cops found Carol Coronado in bed with the the bloody bodies of her three daughters, aged three, two and two months old,. Cops would tell she was naked, holding a knife and attempting to cut her own wrists.

All three children were pronounced dead at the scene.

Told Lt. Dave Coleman:The deputies were directed to the house by the grandmother,’

‘We did find the babies inside the residence.’

Neighbor Ashley Madrid would tell that the children’s father was working on his car across the street when his mother-in-law discovered her daughter and the three children in a pool of blood on a bed.

Reiterated Madrid: ‘I saw when they were bringing him out,’

‘He was crying. He was crying, ”She killed my daughters!'”

Carol Coronado

Madrid would also describe how sheriff’s deputies took the mother, who was naked except for a blanket, to a patrol car before being placed in an ambulance.

Added the neighbor: ‘She was full of blood on her face and arms.’

In perhaps some clue as to why the murders took place, Ashley Madrid would tell that the children’s grandmother told her that Carol Coronado  had called earlier in the day and said that she was going crazy.

Since the incident, the mother has been arrested on suspicion of murder, taken to a hospital to be evaluated and then to a sheriff’s station for booking. Authorities say she made no statement.

Her Facebook page was filled with pictures of the baby girls. The main background picture on her page is a composite of her two eldest girls and an ultrasound image of her youngest daughter.

It’s unknown if drugs or mental illness may have played a role. Police have not commented on any possible motive for the murders.

Netizens were outraged by the horrible crime. Some theorized that post-partum depression may have played a part in the gruesome murders. Janine Beck wrote on KTLA’s Facebook page:

‘Postpartum depression is real. Please be aware that it CAN lead to psychosis. Please educate yourself so that you can help yourself or someone you know prevent these kind of tragedies.’

Another reader, Marlene Segura, supported the hypothesis:

‘Has it occurred to anyone that she could have gone thru postpartum depression…. it is a possibility. This does not justify the murder of three beautiful angels, but postpartum depression does happen and we need to educate ourselves to help when needed.’

Carol Coronado

Carol Coronado

Carol Coronado

Carol Coronado


  1. Mass murder prevention. LOL!!! Method of action?
    Janine Beck, how many mass murders have you prevented?
    Please explain how you do it. The children are counting on you.

  2. It’s so sad. Those poor babies. But it sounds like she knew something was going wrong since she called her mother. Why did it take hours for her mother to come by? What about this woman’s doctor? Did no one educate her about the dangers of post partum depression and what to watch out for? You see it on the news a lot…women killing themselves and their infants. Don’t people pay attention? Don’t healthcare professionals bring it up with their patients? Or is mental illness still such a stigma that no one wants to talk about it?

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