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Wasatch High school photoshopped yearbook pictures to make them less slutty

Wasatch High school
Did Wasatch High school go out of bounds?

Officials at Utah’s Wasatch High school have come under fire for using photoshop to censor yearbook photos because it deemed some female students’ pictures too sexy.

During the alterations, certain students were made to show less skin without them knowing about it, including the covering of shoulders and other parts of their upper bodies. Yes because the display of skin can only mean a woman is a sinner.

When students would came to receive the much anticipated yearbook, many were shocked to find they appearing to be wearing a different outfit.

Since the incident came to the fore, various students have complained, telling that the random decisions as to which photos got photoshopped whilst others were left untouched is what irked them most

Told sophomore Rachel Russel via KSTU-TV: ‘I feel like they put names in a hat and pick and choose who,’

‘There were plenty of girls (who) were wearing thicker tank tops and half of them got edited and half of them didn’t.’

Russel’s original picture showed her wearing a sleeveless top. But the version seen in the yearbook has black sleeves added on.

Wasatch High school

Added sophomore Kimberly Montoya: ‘My shirt was a cream color, and the color of the cover-up was completely white. It looked like white-out on my skin.’

In a display of the inconsistency as to which images were photoshopped and which were not, two different girls were noted wearing near identical tops but only one of the images was altered, with added sleeves whilst the other was printed as was.

Interestingly the alterations only came to appear with that of female students.

Students raised the issue with high school administrators, who said the yearbook couldn’t be changed after printing.

Wasatch County School District Superintendent Terry E. Shoemaker later defended the general decision to edit images for modesty.

He claimed students know the dress code and there was a sign warning them that their pictures may be altered.

However, Shoemaker admits the school school have taken a more consistent approach.

‘We only apologize in the sense that we want to be more consistent with what we’re trying to do in that sense we can help kids better prepare for their future by knowing how to dress appropriately for things,’ Shoemaker said.

The school district dress code’s ban on ‘extreme clothing’ lists ‘revealing shorts, skirts, dresses, tank shirts, halter or crop tops, spaghetti straps, etc.’

Because you can always trust educators to make young girls feel ashamed and embarrassed about their bodies….

Wasatch High school



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